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Reap the Benefits of Working Around Your Own Schedule

Traveling Vineyard began back in 2001 and has grown like a vine ever since. It didn’t take long for the company to make a name for itself in the direct sales industry as a subsidiary of Geerlings & Wade, a popular wine cataloger. It’s the company’s product base and its strong valuing of communication with its working wine guides that really sets the company apart from all other direct sales companies. If you are tired of all the makeup, home products wine companies that are out there to work with, wine sales are an entirely different ball game for the social butterfly to really challenge themselves with.

As a wine guide, you will be given the option to set your own schedule. This is a clear benefit for those who wish to work from home or to have the flexibility hosting wine tastings as they travel, should you not be stationary for too long but still require a way to make a living around a busy schedule. You can choose to either work every day of the week, full days, or only a few days per week, such as on the weekend. You aren’t limited to working as a wine guide only. If you have a full time job during the week but only wish to have Traveling Vineyard wine tastings on your days off, this would make the perfect egg to make a bit of side income.

This type of position especially beneficial for those who already have a broad understanding of wine tasting and how wine is made. If this is a passion of yours and you’ve already hosted a wine tasting with friends or know someone who has, then you’ve already got a leg up over the competition. That said, if you do not have any experience with wines or wine tasting, then that won’t be a problem whatsoever. You will be given full reign over a slew of information to set you up, right from the start. You’ll also be teamed up with an expert in the field right from the start, who will help you along the way.

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