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Securus Technologies Aims to Offer Secure Communication

Crime prevention is one of the key characteristics of a good correctional facility. Whereas it gives confidence knowing that wrongdoers are under incarceration, it’s not yet safe as research shows that some of them still get their businesses done even when serving their terms. To ensure that crime does not thrive at incarceration centers Securus Technologies, Inc. was formed to take help in overseeing all communication issues.


This firm started its operations in 1986 and was based in Dallas, Texas. Over the years, the communication company has been to task to ensure that parolee tracking, detainee communications and government information management systems are properly handled across the 2,600 incarceration centers in 45 states. This has not always been easy; however, thanks to the good leadership within the company and the huge investments regarding infrastructure a lot has been achieved within a short period.


Put to the task, Securus facility customers expressed some of their opinions after using the companies facilities and it’s a big boost of confidence to the company for knowing that their work is great. For instance, according to a sampled respondent, they were able to use information obtained from Securus to obtain a search warrant for a corrupt staff and upon following the lead arrested them through the help of the police.


Securus facility users are hugely impressed with the vision of the company. The company’s up to date assessment of any situation arising greatly helps them become effective and in a better position to offer improved security.


Other Securus users more so correctional facilities recommended the company for their use of technology. By using technology, Securus has been able to become them reliable and timely services hence preventing crimes.


With the advancement, technology can either make or break crime prevention. Securus Technology is proof enough that if the technology is used well, it will help lower down crime cases in society.


Securus Technologies’ Plans to proof technology Superiority

Securus Technologies is a firm that is devoted to offering outstanding technology to correctional institutions. The company recently revealed that it would like to have a technology challenge with GTL, which is its main rival in the industry. It suggested that there will be an independent technology judge who will determine the company with the leading customer service, an expense efficient products and services, and state-of-the-art telephone calling platform. According to the Securus Technologies’ CEO, Richard A. Smith, GTL is mistaken by thinking that it can compare its services to those of Securus. He believes that the technology that his company offers is unparalleled since it has invested more than $700 million in the past four years.


Securus understands the technology platforms that are currently used by GTL since it once owned older platforms, but it has now developed better services. The company gave several features that it currently has and cannot be matched by GTL. This includes technology platforms, skilled personnel, cost effectiveness, products, and patent portfolios. Mr. Smith said that many clients have defected from GTL to Securus Technology due to the outstanding solutions that the organization provides.


According to Mr. Smith, his company has been losing $1 to GTL while taking $4 from them in the past five years. This clearly indicates that the clients’ preference ratio between Securus Technologies and GTL is 3:1. According to him, GTL should take part in a technology contest if it would like to proof to the customers that it has the best services. He, however, believes that its rival cannot match its solutions, and it should decline politely. Aspects that should be independently compared are IT potential, IT resources, calling platforms, scalability, product capability, technology, and the investments that have been made. Anyone who is keen can notice the superiority of Securus Technologies in all these factors.

The BBB Awards Securus An A+ – The Highest Rating Possible

Securus Technologies proudly announced that they received formal accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and received an A+, the highest possible rating. To address customer concern, Securus created a 220 seat call center in-house, which is the largest in the prison communication industry. The BBB likes to see a high customer satisfaction rate, which Securus is committed to providing by answering calls promptly and in the vast majority of cases, resolving the customer’s issue on the first call. By receiving the highest accreditation, the BBB has confirmed that Securus honors their promises to their customers and safeguards their personal information.


Serving nearly 2,600 correctional facilities, Securus Technologies is one of the nation’s largest providers of inmate communications, parolee tracking and information management products for the law enforcement and corrections industries. Acquiring other companies has allowed Securus to grow and expand the number of innovative, money-saving technologies that they can offer to their customers. For example, Securus’ Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs automates a number of forms that were handled by guards before. Now, guards can concentrate on their primary job, instead of distributing, collecting and filing paper forms. Inmates also benefit from having immediate access to forms that they need and the inmates can also check the status of their request or grievance themselves. Securus is continually improving service to their customers by investing more than $600 million in patents, new technologies and acquisitions in the last three years alone.


Securus Technologies – Release All New Investigator Pro Technology

Securus Technologies is a leading communications company aimed towards services the criminal justice facilities ensuring that inmates continue communications with their family and friends. Securus is proud to release the all-new Investigator Pro 4.0. It is the first software to be released on the market that allows investigators to find an inmate via searching for other phone calls or through party voice. It will provide a searchable voice option that allows investigators to be able to uncover gang-related activities and other potentially dangerous conversations that could lead to something more dangerous. The all-new technology also identifies if an inmate makes a dangerous call to an outside source.

Securus Technologies has always provided top of the line technology and has dedicated much of their services to inmates in correctional facilities to ensure that they’re getting the proper amount of communication. It’s not to become something that may be abused and that is where the Investigator Pro 4.0 comes into play. The searchable voice feature enabled with the software allows the investigators to follow the individual’s voice, not just the telephone numbers. It is freeing up a lot of doubt and questions that many people have to jump through to get answers. The new technology will be able to answer answers such as identifying what type of end user the inmates are talking to and if the other person on the other end of the phone call was ever an inmate. They will also be able to tell if any of the current inmates are talking to the said released inmate. There are other features that are offered with the technology as well, such as high interest group tagging and voice identification confidence ratings.

Securus Technologies is stationed in Dallas, Texas and are known to be providing services to over 3450 officers and over one million inmates across North America.

ConnectUs By Securus Technologies: Saving Trees And Helping Correctional Facilities

The Better Business Bureau has given Securus Technologies an A+ rating, and considering ContactUs’ exceptional success, this makes sense.

Complaints and grievances forms can take a lot of time to deal with in a correctional facility. They can take a lot of paper, too. They must be printed and re-printed, filed and re-filed. It is all very monotonous and time consuming. ConnectUs by Securus Technologies is a new platform which gives Inmates access to unlimited applications while allowing correctional facilities to completely monitor and control that access. Means of control include time designations as well as application access. Furthermore, applications can be customized by specific facilities in order to fit established operational protocols. All of these things combine to eliminate a vast quotient of paperwork from the physical realm of correctional facility operation. According to Chief Kolitwenzew of Kankakee County, Illinois, on paper costs alone, thousands of dollars are going to be saved by ContactUs.

Securus Technologies caters to over 2,500 correctional facilities in the US. They work with 1.2 million inmates across the country, and for the past thirty years have expanded beyond their Texas beginnings to service the whole nation. Securus has an intimate understanding of the day-to-day operations which make up a correctional facility’s egress over time. Bringing that intimate understanding together with cutting-edge technology, Securus has created an exceptionally applicable platform in ConnectUs that will likely prove revolutionary.

Those who’ve had a chance to use this innovative platform can’t say enough good things about it. Nurses and other staff who deal with paperwork regularly hail it as a great help in their work. Securus aims to please in just such a way, and is continuously devoted to uncovering new ways in which technological innovation can be employed toward the streamlining of correctional facility operations.