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EOS Lip Balms – The Best of the Berries!

EOS Lip Balm has been a handbag staple for me forever. Probably since it first started popping up on the shelves of Walgreens several years ago. I ditched my little tubes and went all out, picking up any new flavor the company, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, would release. I am still a loyal follower of the company and currently am in a Coconut Milk phase of the Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres.

I initially loved the cool and funky shape of EOS balms, but after being an advocate of the brand for several years, I’ve come to appreciate the more important qualities, like their dedication to using amazing, natural ingredients like Vitamin E and never adding parabens or paraffins.

While I truly have something positive to say about all of the balms, here’s a bit about the “Best of the Berries,” from EOS. Check to learn more.

First, my favorite balm for holiday season – blackberry nectar. This balm has a very deep flavor profile, from the blackberry that is rich while also a bit tangy to the nectar that has a bit of an undefinable taste and scent. All I know is that is is wonderful and each time I wear it I receive consistent compliments asking what perfume or lotion I have on, but its just the scent of my lip balm! This balm is also part of the Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres Collection, which means it has an extra kick of moisture that leaves your lips really silky, follow them on

The Blueberry Acai is another great berry flavor. It is a very delicious flavor and smells just like blueberries. It comes in a fun bright blue globe.

Pomegranate Raspberry is another fun scent that tastes almost exactly as it is described. Raspberry has a bit of a tang while pomegranate is a bit more lush of a flavor, but the two pair perfectly. Shop here,