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Highland Capital Management Is Here To Help All Companies

Highland Capital Management is an organization that exists to help both large and small businesses alike. The main goal of Highland Capital Management is to help businesses stay in business and grow over a short period of time. The way Highland does this is by putting a personal team together for each business they help.

The team put together by Highland Capital Management to help a business will first work out a comfortable budget. Highland always reminds business owners that they cannot live above their means. This new budget will cut out anything that is not vital to the company.

In addition to creating a new budget, Highland will also assist the businesses they help in investing for future profits. High Capital Management shows business owners exactly how to invest properly and what markets to stay away from at all times.

Additionally, Highland Capital Management will introduce business owners to the newest technology on the market. By this, business owners will be able to downsize their staff until the business is more comfortable financially.

All of the services provided by Highland Capital Management come at a very low price. This can be taken care of in one payment or through a series of payments. The series of payments will be based on the budget of the business owner. Highland wants to make sure every customer they get will receive the full benefits of what Highland has to offer.

Moreover, when a business becomes a client of Highland Capital Management, this evolves into a lifelong relationship. Whenever the business owner has questions or feels like the business is not progressing, he/she can contact Highland. Highland Capital Management will help the business owner as many times as he/she needs help, and this comes with no extra charge.

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WEN by Chaz: A Cut Above The Rest

     WEN by Chaz hair care products is a personal care line founded by Chaz Dean, a celebrity hair stylist. Once a photography student, Chaz decided to pursue Cosmetology which eventually lead to him purchasing his own salon and starting his own product line. WEN by Chaz was formed and is a huge success.

WEN by Chaz is a exclusive product formulated without harmful sulfates that traditional shampoos contain and can cause damage. In fact, it does not lather because of its natural ingredients. WEN Cleansing Conditioner is intended to restore, cleanse, and maintain hair health and strength. Some of the ingredients listed are glycerin, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, and panthenol. They believe in their products ability that Chaz and the WEN team are offering a sixty day money back guarantee on their products. One hundred percent of users stated there hair to be moisturized after use. WEN also offers other products to enhance the effects of the cleansing conditioner creating a system of products working together. Offering a mousse, a styling creme, and a moisturizing treatment to add more power to the WEN by Chaz line. This product is so amazing that it has been on the market for over sixteen years and has sold forty million bottles.

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The Elastic Database : NuoDB

NuoDB a cloud based database technology is best known for its versatility and expand-ability. Companies who use the NuoDB technology are big hitters such as Dassault Systèmes, Kodiak, Alfa Systems and UAE Exchange. With the amount of data filtering through these companies NuoDB’s innovative technology allows for easy and fast migration of cloud database data and applications from antiquated legacy hardware onto a more flexible cloud based SQL enriched system. NuoDB is also known for its user friendly management interface which allows for ease of database monitoring and adjustments.

Over the last year with the release of NuoDB 2.5, the Cambridge, Massachusetts based company has reported increases in clientele. With NuoDB supporting multiple programing languages including: Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Node.JS, Ruby and C++ NuoDB is able to meet the needs of moct companies and programmers. In addition to the vast flexibility of languages and easy data migration NuoDB is versatile enough that unlike older SQL database onsite server based technology, it can be expanded by additions of servers to the system not a whole revamp of hardware.

Inspiring Details Regarding Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an amazing entrepreneurial figure who started refining his talent even before enrolling in college. I am delighted to understand that he has experience of over three decades, where he has been impacting the business world. Throughout his journey, Marc has had challenges, as we all know it could not have been entirely seamless. However, such are the past scars that keep him humble despite the high accolades and successes he has earned so far. Most people refer to him as the “entrepreneur of entrepreneurs.” Marc is a believer in God, and he confesses that he has no academic qualification matching his great success, rather it is all by the grace of God.



Marc Renovates Office for Augmentation of Innovative Collaboration



Marc Sparks moved an office that had been planted in its location for over ten years. His main aim was to make it easy for collaboration to pioneer new startups. Most of us know him as the founder of private equity firm, which boosts individual business people in growing their businesses into income-generating ventures. As Marc explains, attaining success in business calls for planning. You must design a concept that perfectly suits your needs, as well as work towards acquiring the necessary resources.



Marc as a Philanthropist and Transforming Author



Marc, who is the founder and CEO of Timber Creek, LP, serves great benevolent deals. He involves himself with Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit foundation that endeavors in constructing relatively cheap houses for the less fortunate. As well, he bankrolls an organization that supplies at-risk children with laptops. In Texas, Sparks funds “The Samaritan Inn,” a foundation that hosts 160 people in need of shelter every night. Having accumulated so much knowledge, Marc is an author who passes to us some of the tips that guide his relevance and consistent growth. In his publication, “They Can’t Eat You,” he gives an account of his journey in entrepreneurship, believing that it will inspire someone and guide them in their daily pursuits.



Fundamental Truths About Timber Creek LP



Timber Creek LP is a privately founded enterprise that specializes in transforming the visions and dreams of future entrepreneurs into the highly-coveted products. The firm has significantly impacted Texas by providing such people with capital, work space, web development services, banking, legal, marketing, networking, as well as all the other necessary things they require to grow their ideas into tangible fruits. This is in addition to his experience, which he offers them to learn from him.






I always marvel at Marc’s kindness despite the incredible milestones he has made. For him, there is no room for pride and self-sufficiency. He is always out helping other people achieve success and grow to the heights they have always desired.

Duda Melzer Looks To Modernize The Brazilian Media Industry

The huge Brazilian media conglomerate, the RBS Group has always been an important part of the news gathering industry in South American and is now looking to newly appointed leader Duda Melzer to transform the company for the 21st century. The idea behind installing the man christened Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, but better known as Duda Melzer, has been to provide a fresh face to enter the company and provide a fresh look at the way this historic company can move forward for the future.

Despite the fact he has developed a career that includes taking a number of risks based around the need to develop new areas of expertise for the RBS Group in a media industry that is changing and evolving in the 21st century the CEO of the company still looks back to the tradition of the Sirotsky family controlling RBS since its inception. Duda Melzer is a former student of the well known U.S. educational institution, Harvard University; Melzer has formed and maintained a close working relationship with Harvard professor John Davis; Davis is a well known figure in the family business industry for his knowledge and theories of how to grow success without losing the family business identity a company was formed under.

Duda Melzer is a business leader who is always looking to develop his own abilities and improve the company formed by his grandfather in the 1950s; for the RBS Group this has meant a period of change that has seen a major shift to providing news via Web based applications over the traditional use of newspapers, radio, and TV. Although Duda Melzer is always looking to find new technologies to develop the RBS Group brand he also understands the need for journalistic integrity to remain in place as the cornerstone of the work completed by Brazil’s RBS Group.

Incredible Life Hacks with Wengie

Life can be tough, but beauty blogger Wengie has gone through various tips and tricks in her latest video. We often have to stand around to adjust the shower temperature until it is perfectly right. Instead, use a pen to mark off your favorite temperature on your shower knob. Every time you take a shower, simply rotate the knob to align with the mark and wait for the water to warm up. It will reach your ideal temperature without any further adjustment! Moreover, you can use multiple marks for baths, showers, and rinsing clothes.

According to Wengie, Rubbish can often turn into liquid and leak out from the bottom of your trash can. Stuff old newspapers into the bottom of the bin and let them soak up all liquids. As long as the liquids are not greasy oils or corrosive cleaners, the layers of newspapers will contain them entirely. When you change the garbage bag, you won’t need to sift through puddles, which means a cleaner home and a cleaner bin. Crumple up the newspapers into a ball and dispose of them separately.

It can be difficult to remove keys from a key ring if you have long nails or the ring is bound tightly. Use a staple remover to clamp onto the ring, and then rotate it until the opening becomes clear and the keys slide off. The best part is, this trick is not limited to a single key; you can empty the ring completely by sliding multiple times. Because the remover is metal, keys do not rub against the material. They will not be damaged in any way or form.

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Anthony Petrello – Business man and Philanthropist

Nabors Industries Ltd. which started out as Anglo Energy Ltd. in 1968 is the largest geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor that currently exists in the world today. The company has operations in the Middle and the Far East, Africa and the United States. Headquarters for Nabor Industries are based out of Hamilton, Bermuda.

The CEO, President and Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee positions are all held by Anthony G. Petrello. He is a brilliant man who graduated from Yale and then went on to acquire his J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. His undergrad studies from Yale University were in the field of Mathematics. He holds BS and MS in Mathematics.

After college, Anthony Petrello joined the law firm of Baker & McKenzie in 1979. He quickly became a partner and then in 1986 he became a managing partner in their New York office. In 1991 he left Baker &McKenzie and joined Nabor Industries as their Chief Operating Officer. By 1992 he was also awarded the position of President of the Company.

Petrello is an innovator and helped to grow the company. In the year 2003, he was named as the Deputy Chairman of Nabor Industries. He held onto this position for eight years until June of 2011. Anthony Petrello then reached the highest pinnacle of the company’s director board by being named the Chief Executive Officer for Nabor Industries Ltd.

Anthony Petrello is an active and philanthropic businessman. It is no surprise that since 2012, he is the Chairman of the Board of Nabor Industries. He is also the director for Stewart and Stevenson LLC.

In his more philanthropic endeavors, Anthony Petrello has served as the director of and is the current director of the Texas Children’s Hospital.

It is no surprise with such an ambitious man at the helm that Nabor Industries operate the largest land-based drilling rig fleet in the world. This company continues to transform the oil industry.


Trekking To Freedom Was The Last Hope Of Yeonmi Park

The amazing story of Yeonmi Park and her decision to trust the lives of herself and her family to human traffickers has been one that many people have read about or heard the young refugee speak of via Online videos. has published an article detailing the life Park lived in North Korea and the dangerous trip she undertook with traffickers promising to keep the family safe. The trip to South Korea is one that is difficult for those of us living in democratic countries to understand, but resulted in the death of Yeonmi Park’s father and the rape of her mother as she protected her daughter from assault.

Yeonmi Park has looked to raise awareness for the plight of the people of North Korea through the release of her memoir, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom”. The book reveals the shock Yeonmi Park felt when she realized the level of consumption and waste the people of the world lived with in relation to the daily efforts to simply avoid starvation in Communist North Korea; the details of life in North Korea are so accurate that Communist officials continue their bid to discredit Yeonmi Park’s own version of events surrounding her journey to freedom.

Yeonmi Park found her way to democratic South Korea with her mother after escaping the clutches of human traffickers the family had trusted their lives to; after arriving in South Korea Yeonmi Park made the decision not to turn her back on those still trapped in North Korea. Park has taken the message of her fellow refugees on Youtube and those living in closed societies around the world in a bid to enlist the help of human rights groups and the governments of major nations. Despite her own story of finding freedom being told on many occasions Yeonmi Park’s story is so shocking it retains its power to promote possible change in North Korea in the future.