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Jason Hope Education Advocate–Philanthropist–Entrepreneur

Gartner Inc. is a leader in technology and involved with the company Jason Hope. This companies technology is the main component of IoT, that makes it possible for objects to communicate with people using a beacon transmitting device that collects and relays information. These beacons are small enough sensors to embed on stickers that can be placed on almost anything. The new technology can have big meaning to the airline industry and other executives. Jason Hope explains how this technology can be beneficial.The first way it can help airlines is providing data that is collected and analyzed about planes and by tracking scheduled maintenance.

This can allow plane mechanics to have parts ready when the plane lands, which can avoid mechanical problems or flight delays. Check-in and ticket price have been issued in the past, with this technology it can make check-in easy. Another place this technology can help is the passenger using a wheelchair or mobile device it can help in maneuvering through unfamiliar airports. Then using embedded luggage tags passengers can keep a virtual eye on luggage from the time they check-in until they collect their bags. The other places the new best technology can help is with navigation routes, weather terrain conditions, and other data that can help keep the plane and flight safe.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and philanthropy putting his focus on scientific research, biotechnology, disease cure, and education. He received an undergraduate degree and an MBA from Arizona State University. Hope is focused on ensuring students in Phoenix get the educational opportunities they deserve no matter what the student’s socioeconomic situation. The main reason he focuses his education efforts in this city is because Hope is an Arizona native.Hope’s philanthropy efforts include the SENS Foundation that is involved in anti-aging to find cures for disease that attack the body causing it to age more rapidly. This includes looking for cures for heart disease, lung disease, and Alzheimer’s. The focus isn’t on the just treatment of these diseases it is on preventing them.