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Role of Betsy DeVos of Transforming the Education System

During her days at Calvin College, Betsy DeVos was involved in campus politics, and since the she has remained politically active. After venturing into the business world, Betsy got married to a fellow activist and politician, Dick DeVos, and they have worked together to push for reforms and also to support the needy. Betsy DeVos has actively participated in Republican Party politics, political action committees and serving as chairperson of numerous charitable organizations. Together with her husband and other reform advocates, they have been seeking ways to resolve social problems in Michigan and other states. Her reform agenda has given priority to education because she believes the current system is not serving U.S. kids properly. A few years ago, Mrs. DeVos was interviewed on Philanthropy Roundtable on her role of pushing for the creation of charter schools as well as the best educational choice in order to accommodate large number of underserved children.

Today, Betsy DeVos’ movement has led to formation of charter schools in 25 states all over America. The school choice initiative has also expanded tremendously in the last few years, making her efforts a success. The educational choice movement enjoys enormous support, especially from Latinos. Before she began engaging in education reforms, Betsy had visited Potter’s House in Grand Rapids together with Dick, and realized how some parents faced difficulties when paying tuition fees for their kids. They decided to select some students and fund their studies. However, the idea would not solve the problem because could not sponsor all the needy students in the entire school. Because they were not able to support all the needy students at Potter’s House, Betsy DeVos decided to seek other ways that would bring equality in the education sector.

Personal Biography of Betsy DeVos

Mrs. Betsy DeVos grew up while witnessing leaders in her home town funding various education-related projects. Furthermore, her mother was a public school tutor, and she played critical role of motivating her to have an interest in education. Through her desire to help the needy families in the United States, she formed various PACs, charitable organizations and foundations to advance this worthy cause. These organizations focused on providing better learning opportunities to American all American kids. Betsy earned her bachelor’s of Art degree from Michigan based Calvin College. Prior to joining the Trump’s government, Mrs. DeVos was the chairman of The Windquest. She was also involved in boards of several charitable and civic institutions like Kids Hope U.S.A., Mars Hill Bible Church, ArtPrize, Kendall Center for the Performing Art, and others. For about 15 years, Betsy was involved in mentoring and counseling at-risk students in public schools in Grand Rapids. She interacted with parents, teachers and students, and that made her change her approach towards education forever.

If You Share a Photo of Doe Deere, You’d Better Give Credit!


Let’s face it, Doe Deere is edgy, fashionable, and incredibly beautiful. The Lime Crime founder also probably has followers saving screenshots of her Instagram posts by the thousands, especially since she has more than 300,000 followers.

After all, Doe Deere is a well-known beauty influencer. She started out designing and selling her own clothes on ebay, modeling them herself. But, Deere quickly found that she wanted her makeup to be vibrant and vivid to match her clothes, and she just couldn’t find any that “popped” enough for her. And so, Lime Crime cosmetics was born, a cruelty-free makeup line full of rich color and pigment. The line officially launched in 2008, quickly becoming a pioneer for independent online makeup retailers and brands thanks to smart business decisions like choosing to have actual lip swatches of lip products on the site.

So while the urge to screenshot Doe Deere’s posts is understandable, if you repost or share one of those images, you have to make sure to give credit. 66 year-old artist Richard Prince learned that the hard way.

Doe Deere looked otherworldly in the photo Prince saw, with azure waves framing her face, ivory skin, and classic red lips. In the photo, she held a small doll that had been created in her likeness, even with the same clothes. In Deere’s photo, she made sure to credit the maker of the doll, her friend Joshua David McKenney. By sharing and crediting his work, she wasn’t just showing her pride in the artfully crafted doll, but also hoping he would get more exposure and build a stronger fan base for himself. McKenney is quite talented. Even Richard Prince clearly thought so, though he should have been more careful with how he appreciated the work.

Prince had a 48-by-65-inch print made of the photo and sold it for $90,000 at the Frieze Art Fair. The problem? Prince did not credit McKenney for his work on the print, actually removing any mention of his name before having the print made. While McKenney was baffled to discover how easily his work and Doe Deere’s image was appropriated, he decided to look on the bright side; rather than having his Pidgin dolls considered as mere toys, they are clearly being recognized as the art form that they are.

Not to let Prince have the last word, Doe Deere posted the image on Instagram once more, with this caption, ““Just to clarify, this was my tribute to @pidgindoll, created by friend & artist @jdavidmckenney. @RichardPrince1234 removed my original caption, before printing and displaying it (without my knowledge) in the Frieze Gallery. I wanted to put the focus back onto where it belongs: the beautiful, hand-crafted doll.”

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Integration of Business and Technology as Advocated by Shaygan Kheradpir

For any business to run efficiently, technology has to be integrated in its operations. Technology does not only enable things to be done in a faster manner but also enables things to be done in an effective way. However, without the use of best practices in businesses, technology cannot achieve much on its own. Technology provides a business with the ability to change its internal processes and as a result, improve quality of its products and services. Incorporation of technology into the functions of a business aids in reducing operational costs. Technology plays a crucial role in making a business realize its objectives by improving operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness.

Businesses that have integrated information technology in their operations have managed to get value for money through improvement in the quality and price of products and services. A good number of organizations have made it a priority to integrate information technology systems into their businesses. Such integration has led to merging up of different systems into one effective structure that optimizes the functions of a business. The needs and aspirations of an organization aids in ensuring that the proper technology is used in order to enhance the objectives of such a corporation. Today, many companies are offering information technology services. This makes it easy for any business to integrate their systems by simply contacting service providers from diverse sectors of the economy.

To bridge the gap between business and technology, any enterprise has to have an individual who understand the functions of the two areas. Shaygan Kheradpir is a good example of an individual that integrate business and technology functions towards enhancing the organizational goals of a given corporation. Shaygan Kheradpir is a graduate of Cornell University. He attained his PhD, Masters, and undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the same university. Shaygan Kheradpir has had a successful career working with big companies. The companies that Shaygan has previously worked for include GTE, Verizon, and Barclays. He has also worked at Juniper networks.

Shaygan Kheradpir on forbes is a good example of a modern day executive who comprehends the functions of technologically besides having the experience to run businesses in a successful manner. He started his career at GTE Laboratories in Boston. At the company, he worked on network routing, control, and management.
Within a short period of working at GTE, Shaygan was made in charge of the software systems lab. He recruited a quality team that developed TONICS, a national network management system and the first of its kind in the nation. TONICS enabled GTE to merge its network business into efficient operations unit.

When GTE merged with Bell Atlantic, Shaygan Kheradpir became its chief information officer and led in the development of FiOS. It was one of the biggest infrastructural programs in the United States. Shaygan continued with the same culture of working with teams at Barclays banking group as his team developed Pingit. He served as the chief operations and technology officer for the bank. Currently, Shaygan Kheradpir is the chief executive officer of Coriant after briefly serving in a similar position at Juniper Networks.