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Brian Bonar; The Financial Genius.

It was not until 2010 that Brian Bonar got the world’s attention, and hence his rightful position in the financial world. Though he was known among other business executives, he was not as popular. In that year, Brian Bonar won the Executive of The Year in Finance Award. He had overcome his intellectual peers to deserve the coveted prize.

Brian Bonar graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a Bachelors degree in the engineering field. He then got a Master degree in the same university and later a Doctorate degree from Stafford University. Soon after entering the corporate world, his skills, commitment and work ethic enabled him to quickly climb ranks. Bonar has been in the financial sector for at least 30 years. He now specializes in conducting mergers and acquisitions between institutions where he acts as a consultant.

Bonar got his first senior position when he worked for IBM as the procurement manager.He soon moved to QMS where he was the director of engineering. It was while at QMS that Mr. Bonar began his first company, Beizer Systems.

Bonar also worked in Dalrada where he moved through the ranks until he became the president of the organization. Bonar has worked in other companies such as Trucept, where he was the CEO and Tradeshow Products Inc. where he was the president.

In all companies where Brian Bonar worked,he emphasized on achieving organization efficiency. He believed that efficiency cut down the operational costs of a business and hence increasing its revenue. He therefore introduced projects such as employee benefits and risk insurance to motivate the employees to work hard and be willing to assist in cost reduction.

Currently, Bonar is the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation. It deals in the design and development of color management systems and digital imaging hardware. Bonar recently acquired Source One Group. It is an employer organization that assists medium sized business by handling their outsourced payrolls.

With all the accomplishments that Brian Bonar has attained, it would only be fair that he is used as the standard of excellence and should be envied by other business executives around the globe.