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Handy Home Cleaning Services

House cleaning is the aspect of ensuring the house is free from dirt. This is achieved through different ways which may include; wiping, washing or even brushing. House cleaning is essential in ensuring that people live healthy life and a comfortable one. The growth rate and spread of bacteria is reduced through frequent house cleaning hence making people free from diseases which are spread through dirt. During house cleaning, there are essential areas that need to be cleaned thoroughly; these areas include toilets, restrooms and refrigerators.Life nowadays has become tightly scheduled making cleaning a neglected practice. This practice has led to homes becoming dirty and untidy making the flow of energy impossible at homes

Handy a cleaning services company was initially known as Handybook. Hanrahan was the initial entrepreneur of the team having graduated from Amherst. Handybook was initially launched in Boston in the year 2012. The initial idea of that company was to a digital platform that would allow customers access cleaners for home cleaning.

Handybook later moved its team to New York after it pushed out a new version for New York City. During this moment, getting a trusted cleaning company was expensive something that made Handy to venture into the market to cleaning easy for the people. The process was made so easy that one was only required to type his ZIP code and the number of the room that required cleaning with the ideal date that cleaning was required. Handy in turn gives the expected cleaning period and the price cost that would be incurred to do the cleaning. Three hour cleaning in New York goes for eighty dollars which is much lower than the price offered by other cleaning companies. Other services that Handy offers include; moving help, interior painting, plumbing and assembly of furniture.

Handy company managed to scoop ten million dollars in the year 2013 covering the twelve cities. Launching of the services on more cities was done after the company received three point seven million dollars infusion amount. The company was able to book its appointments after every ninety minutes in the year 2013. Handy managed to grow exponentially to a point in the year 2014 the company was booking its appointments every three minutes. The rate of appointments booking went high to a point in September 2014 the company managed to book its services every thirty seconds. The average pays that professional cleaners working in Handy range from fifteen to twenty two dollars per hour. This payment gives the workers the ability to work on hours they feel will give them a healthy hourly wage.

Handy services are vetted making the consumers comfortable with their services .consumers are able to book these services through their mobile phones making the accessibility of these services easy. Handy has managed to cover twenty five cities in the United States, other two cities in Canada and offers services in London. Eighty percent of Handys’ revenue is generated from cleaning services while the other fifteen percent comes from handyman services.