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Shaquille O’Neal Develops Apartments For Atlantic City

Shaquille O’Neal has made his fortune in professional sports. He is trained as a police officer and is well liked. He has a goal though. That goal is to branch out into real estate. Where does he want to do this? Atlantic City. Shaq has designs on building some pretty impressive apartments in Atlantic City.

He is teaming with Wasseem Boraie to put in place a $61 million dollar complex. It will be called The Beach At South Inlet. The proposals are in place and loans are being extended in order for the local authorities to fully examine the project. This project would revamp the southern end of the city. It is felt that this will breath new life into the area.

Wasseem is the vice president of Boraie Development LLC. Their company has been met with resistance before and has persevered to the end. Many projects that he has overseen have had to go through extensive revision, but have always ended with conditions being better for both the company and the area where the projects were done.

This is good news for the prospectus of Shaquille getting into the real estate field. Boraie has the people that can aid with both the project details and the monetary end of the issues. Being able to alter some of the plans to meet the unique needs of Atlantic City and its residents is what will help the project get under way soon.

The New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Agency are eager for the project to be commenced. They believe that these apartments will not only offer better conditions for many present residents, but will also bring new residents to the area. These new residents will aid to boost the economic outlook for Atlantic City and also help it to become a thriving area of commerce.

The Boraie team has been able to secure funds exterior to what the city developers have offered. They are ready to get the project underway and are simply waiting for the go ahead and permits to begin. Soon Shaquille will be playing on the real estate court. Hopefully all goes smoothly.

The Boraie Development Team is the perfect assist to ensure that all goes according to plan. Wasseem Boraie has the experience to ensure that everything is taken care of and goes smoothly as Shaquille makes this transition and broadens his professional horizons into the Atlantic City area.

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