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Changing the Perception of a Company Online

These days, it seems more and more businesses are in need of a crisis management team to handle bad PR when things get messy. But it isn’t often that a crisis management company actually has its own mess it needs to clean up. Well that’s exactly what Status Labs and its president Darius Fisher had to do recently. Status Labs, a digital reputation and marketing firm had to take stock of itself after one of their executives committed some damaging actions outside of work. There was tough press that Status Labs had to deal with following the incident, but they took corrective action to fix it.


According to Fisher, the company changed how they were perceived by being more involved in the local community. They knew they needed to reach out to other local organizations and individuals to build up a rapport in local circles. They also started implementing more company benefits and special treatments for employees to help them feel more like a family. Status Labs implemented those changes to help their employees feel that they had their backs, and to help engage in team-building skills and company unity. And Status Labs decided to vet new hires more closely to make sure they hired individuals that would uphold the company’s good reputation off the job as well as on it.


Darius Fisher started Status labs back in 2010, a company molded in the philosophy of giving people who’ve had scandals a second chance. No, the company does not bury or erase criminal records or dangerous illegal activity, but they do seek to bring back the good names of people who may have made a mistake that should be forgiven. The company has solved digital reputation crises for many famous businesses, celebrities, and politicians.


Status Labs helps businesses and individuals clean up search results that may yield negative articles or reviews about them, and replace them with good ones. Fisher has given seminars on steps companies can take to make sure what’s published about them is positive and not negative. He also is an advocate for advancing online security measures and in the smart uses of social media.

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