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George Soros – The Leading Boogeyman Of Conservatives

George Soros, the billionaire who spent nearly $27 Million against the 2004 nomination of George W. Bush is back again because he feels that Trump is going to make even bigger mistakes than Bush, if Trump becomes a President of the United States. Those who know George Soros are always interested to follow him because he is one of the few, perhaps the only individual, in the world who amassed an incredible wealth by investing in risky fledgling markets where others are afraid to invest. In fact, this unique foresight of George Soros makes him popular among his followers and experts who like to keep an eye on his activities.

In 2004, when George Soros started giving huge donations to support Democratic candidate John Kerry, it raised a lot of eye brows. At the time, George vehemently opposed the nomination of Republican candidate, George Bush, because he believed that George Bush was pursuing policies, which would lead to more wars around the world. Irrespective of the fact, if his statements reflects the existing chaos in some developing countries, George also had to face severe criticism on for his vocal opinion regarding a potential future president of the United States.

It is also notable that the defeat of John Kerry forced George Soros to revert to dealing with his business and family affairs. At the time, many analysts on Biography predicted that Soros was reconsidering his decision to try to change the political landscape.

After all those years at the backstage, George Soros is back, once more. Interestingly, it seems that he is even more determined to complete his job because the billionaire has already given nearly $25 Million to several campaigns supporting the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. Just like his previous entry, George Soros is again trying to convince American public that Trump is not the right choice because he will surely put Americans in even more trouble. Actually, George Soros publicly stated that Trump is working for ISIS promoting the agenda of a terrorist organization.

According to close associates of George Soros, George is opposing Trump not only because he thinks that Hillary is a better choice, but also because Trump is determined to create policies, which are detrimental to what George supported all his life. For instance, George Soros actively supports immigration reform, criminal justice reform and religious intolerance. Likewise, he has spent millions in East Europe to stabilize the economy. In the United States and in developing countries, George supports healthcare and educational reforms because he believes that America and the world needs an intellectual reform to address the most challenging issues facing our world.

He is already proving a boogeyman for conservatives. In fact, experts suggest that George Soros is going to give more to support Hillary Clinton as the election date nears.

Maduro approval rating keeps falling

A recent poll funded by Aserne in Venezuela showed that only 26 percent of the population approves of the job President Nicolas Maduro is doing, according to a story in Reuters. His approval rating fell from 33 percent in February to 26 in march, the poll showed.
Venezuela has been racked by shortages and inflation as falling oil prices have crippled this socialist country that relied on holding one of the world’s largest oil reserves. That, along with an extended drought, has wreaked havoc on the economy and there is triple digit inflation going on in addition to shortages. Cuts in electricity and water have also created discontent among the citizenry.

Almost 70 percent of those polled said Maduro should resign from office, or that a referendum should be held to allow voters to decide. Maduro was elected in 2013 to a six-year term, and Venezuelan law allows for a referendum after three years in office.

The opposition party has tried many things to oust him, after gaining control of Congress last year, and they are pushing hard for a referendum. Last week they turned in the needed signatures to set the wheels in motion. Expert Jose Manuel thinks those signatures must be certified by the election board, which has already acted slowly and some fear they may drag their feet even more. If the referendum is held in 2016 a new election for president would be held immediately. After that the vice president would take over if Maduro is ousted.