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Sheldon Lavin, A Top Executive in the Meat and Food Industry

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the current President and Chairman of the OSI Group of Companies dealing in the meat and food processing business. The OSI Group of Companies includes the OSI Industries as well as the OSI International Foods. Sheldon Lavin entered the food and meat processing industry as an outside who offered funds. As time went by, he found himself part and parcel of the company. While he entered the industry with low hopes, his high hopes have propelled the company to greater heights of achievement. Before he entered the industry, his area was banking and finance. During that time, he used to own a financial consulting company based in the united states.

In 1970, he commenced his new path into the meat industry by offering funding solutions to the owners of the OSI Group. Because of their weak management skills, they ended up selling  company to Sheldon Lavin. When he found the company, it was on the edge of collapsing. Therefore, he attained his business solutions through estimated business entities to develop working solutions. In the process of offering financial solutions to the company, the owners requested him to take ownership of the company. However, Sheldon Lavin declined the offer. Sheldon Lavin opted to stay in the line of business and stay away from any form of business. He never knew Lavin skills as business agent.

Sheldon Lavin, in 1975, was involved in the world of finance and business association. During that time, he decided to partner with the two sons as he gained knowledge and experience in this industry, however, his work was to anticipate better business deals through financial solutions. When he was in full control of the company, he learned where the two brothers went wrong. He accepted the offer to take charge of the company. During this time, the two brothers were desperately looking for someone to purchase the company, Sheldon Lavin was the only person willing to take over the new business. He commenced his business operations by working on the animated business solutions to develop access to entities. Sheldon Lavin has made OSI Group grow to reach over 16 countries with more than 55 facilities.

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The Growth of OSI Group and its Impact on Society

OSI Group is a premier global food provider. It is one of the leading food service and retail food brands that aims to satisfy its customer’s needs by providing customized products. The company has adequate infrastructure and financial resources, enabling them to easily source, develop, produce, and distribute food across the globe.

OSI Group succeeded over the years, and this is because of having a strong value system of acting with integrity, working together as a team, and exploring innovative solutions. They partner with other organizations and they are always improving products to fit the ever changing world. OSI Group has over 65 branches, and they can be accessed in 17 countries. They have over 20,000 employees.

OSI Group has tried to use top technology such as X-ray equipment that is capable of detecting foreign particles in food to ensure that their food is of high quality and handled with safety. It also ensures that their customers’ needs are met by engaging them in their decision making.

OSI GROUP is led by David McDonald who is always ensuring that the company has an upward trend in growth. The company acquired Baho Foods. The move was to be able to expand their European market. They have also purchased Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago. This move was a savior to Tysons’ employees since the company was shutting down hence it absorbed all its employees.

The company has tried to ensure that it gets involved in sustainable development. This is evident in their strategic plan. McDonald makes sure that the company’s operations are environmentally friendly and positively impact the society in the following: click here.

OSI Group is recognized among top 100 food companies in the U.S because of its dedication to environmental management, social responsibility, and having a sustainable supply chain. In 2016, OSI, valued at $6.1 billion was also recognized by Forbes as number 58 among private companies.