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Changes Coming to the NBA During the 2015/2016 Season

The 2015/2016 NBA season will begin in October and when it does fans and spectators can expect some big changes within the league. Here is a list of the major trends changes that will impact the league in 2015/2016.

Players will be Given more Time to Rest and to Recuperate

The 2015 season will begin by allowing players to get more rest and recuperation between games. Most teams had to play 4 games in 5 nights during the previous seasons. However, this will change beginning in the 2015 season. Teams will still continue to have a four game run within a given 5 day period but the amount of time that they do this will be significantly reduced. Teams will only play this many games about 30% of their time instead of 60% like they did in the past. This will allow players more time to recoup and to recover during seasonal play.

Teams that will have Dominant National Coverage

Specific teams that are dominating within the league will have more national coverage than the other teams that are being featured. Franchises such as the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers will have at least 25 national appearances. The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Clippers will also receive a lot of national coverage. The Memphis Grizzlies is another team that will be prominently featured for nationally televised games.

Owners and Players will Still Come to Terms over Salaries

Staring in 2015/2016 NBA franchises will benefit from an exceptional broadcasting deal with ESPN and TNT. The amount of money that is going to be generated from this deal will give the league’s players a greater ability to negotiate for more money. Team owners are going to continue to thwart the plans of players because many teams are still losing profits. As a matter of fact, at least half of all teams are not profitable. Even though this is the case, owners and players can expect to gain greater revenues and profits in 2015/2016.

Team owners such as Jeanie Marie Buss and Mark Cuban have franchises that are doing well in terms of profits. When former NBA team owner Bruce Levenson of the Atlanta Hawks headed this organization with Michael Gearon; they were both able to increase the financial stock of this team. They did by helping the organization to improve its ability to win on the court and by exposing the team’s media coverage. Currently, the Atlanta Hawks is one of the most dominant teams in the league. They owe this to Levenson and Gearon who started to push the franchise in a more positive direction starting in 2010.

The 2015/2016 season will also feature an improved holiday game line up and there will be more free agency rankings. Fans can also expect to see a more exciting games throughout the season as well. The 2015/2016 season will begin on October 27, 2015 and it is expected to be one of the best to date.