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FreedomPop Has Enough Great Wireless Plans To Please Many Customers

Although not everyone is a big fan of FreedomPop, learning more about their services via a FreedomPop review just might bring a lot more fandom to FreedomPop and their services. FreedomPop is a wireless carrier that has both Internet and cell phone services, even though their cell phone services are more widely known and used. Many may not even realize that FreedomPop has any Internet services at all, which is a shame because they have free services for those who want Internet, and even their low-cost Wi-Fi service for five dollars a month is a great deal too.


The Wi-Fi service was introduced a couple of years ago and has become a staple in the company, especially since it has such a low-cost and is available in millions of locations. Many who choose to connect to the Wi-Fi service will connect to it from their cell phone, which requires the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application to be downloaded. FreedomPop has now even added a Wi-Fi cell phone service, which means that anyone who doesn’t choose the free service plan or one of the paid plans can use the Wi-Fi service to make calls and more.


The only catch about using Wi-Fi service to make phone calls is that the cell phone must have Wi-Fi calling capabilities, which is pretty much all of the smartphones these days, but it is important to check out this information first. Anyone who is interested can still get the free cell phone plan from FreedomPop, even if they don’t have low income but simply want to save money when they get mobile services. The free plan will give the user 200 minutes of talk time, they’ll get unlimited text messages, and the data is limited to 500 MB per month.


Even though there is no cost for the free plan, there is a top up charge of $10 each month that can be turned off whenever it’s not needed, and the user can choose to use Wi-Fi services or can pay $0.02 cents per additional megabyte of data that they use. There are also two other paid plans from FreedomPop. It’s $10.99 for the plan that has unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of data, or the unlimited everything plan has no limit to the data usage and is $19.99. The only limit to the unlimited everything plan is the 4G LTE data, which is capped at 1 GB.


Cost Free Mobile Services with FreedomPop

The mobile landscape has experienced dramatic changes in the recent years. For instance, major focus is now directed to elaborate pricing plans by prepaid operators and traditional ones. As much as the prices have significantly toned down, many subscribers are still struggling with inability to afford a phone leave alone pay for the monthly subscriptions. Freedom Pop solves these two problems. FreedomPop is a cost free mobile services that offers free data, text, free voice calls and international calling to any country of choice.

According to reports by Android Authority, this plan comes with numerous offers; the subscribers will enjoy a free 500MB data bundle monthly, free 500 texts, and a free 200 voice call minutes. These benefits come with no other expenses except buying the phone. Clients who need more offers can go for the premium options, which include a plan worth $10.99. The premium options does not limit the number of minutes for voice call and texts, however, it offers similar amount of data plan (500MB). There is also another higher premium level going for $19.99 only. It comes with data plan of 1GB and unlimited voice and text talk. Premium plus is the highest level offered. Premium plus includes visual voicemail series, wireless tethering, and supports MMS for messaging, video and picture. In addition, it also comes with data roll over and premium voice quality.

How to get started with FreedomPop
The clients are expected to buy FreedomPop’s Motorola Moto E, which goes for $49.99 only. The phone has an approved and pre-owned condition that comes with above-mentioned benefits. The phones have been thoroughly checked and the clients are given an allowance of a 30-day warranty.

Specifications of Motorola Moto E

Has a resolution of 960 x 540.

Has a RAM of 1 GB

Micro SD-supported memory of 8 GB

2390 mAh Battery

Front camera- VGA

Display -4.3 inch


In closing, Motorola Moto E offers the best alternative mobiles services, especially with the increasingly rising cost of living. It gives to its client’s freedom of speech and expression and solid android experience.