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Doe Deere Builds A Makeup Empire

The cosmetics industry has largely been a closed shop of companies who have been in existence for decades continuing to create new products similar to those released over the last few years. In the face of the relative similarity between the different types of makeup on offer the number of individuals seeking to create their own makeup from the base ingredients available via the Internet has been growing. Many of these part-time makeup creators choose to create their own products for themselves and their friends, but others are looking to take their passion and become important players in the cosmetics industry. One of this new order of cosmetics professionals is Doe Deere, who is the founder and CEO of the Lime Crime brand that has been growing in popularity selling products on its own Website.

Deere has always been involved in the fashion industry and brings together the Russian history of her family and the culture of her home in New York. The initial steps taken by Doe Deere in the fashion industry came after she completed her education in the industry in New York as a clothing designer. As her interest in clothing design continued the designer also looked to create an overall image for herself and her growing number of followers with the inclusion of her own makeup creations. After a short period of experimentation Deere found that she had a passion for creating her own cosmetics, which reflected the design style she was trying to put forward with her own range of clothing. Bright, blocks of color have become the signature style of Doe Deere as her Lime Crime brand has grown, which has now seen a number of her followers seek out similar styles and effects using the makeup created for the brand.

Doe Deere is not only an expert in the creation of makeup, but she also keeps a close eye on every aspect of the business as it grows in style. The high level of control Deere keeps on her growing business empire has seen her bring together a group of trusted and experienced professionals from the industry. Despite the growth of her staff, Deere still finds the time to work in the lab created for the development of new Lime Crime products that must meet her own stringent specifications. Doe Deere looks to develop these products and the extensive marketing campaigns as an extension of her own specific style. This means the changing personality and personal style of the cosmetics mogul will continue to evolve as she herself matures as a designer and makeup expert.