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The Kabbalah Centre and Hollywood’s Fascination

Many Hollywood stars have spoken out about their interest in the practice of Kabbalah. Madonna, which has been the most noticeable, has created a Kabbalah Centre and also invented money into its ancient findings. Though generally associated with Jewish individuals, Kabbalah is now being practiced by those who have not fully converted to Judaism.  Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube. This is something that before was strictly prohibited, but as individuals gain more access to this practice that will soon no longer be the case.

What is drawing so Many Celebrities to Kabbalah?

Paris Hilton mentioned that after a bad break-up with her ex she was able to locate a Kabbalah Centre and get the proper healing that she needed in order to get through it. She even wore a “Kabbalah bracelet”. Kabbalah is a mysticism teaches individuals “ancient wisdom. “Also known as the “soul of the Torah,” it teaches individuals the “deepest insight into the essence of G-d.” It is well noted to bring “joy and lasting fulfillment.” Celebrities such as Sammy Davis was attracted to Judaism because it unveiled an “honesty and spiritual peace” that he was unable to obtain achieve in his personal life for more info: click here.

One concept of Kabbalah is the need to help, and the ambition to figure out how to. Madonna believed that her way to help was to spread the word about Kabbalah by opening a Kabbalah Centre investing. She’s been successful in getting other celebrities on board.

If you are in California and are wanting more information about Kabbalah, there is a Kabbalah Centre located in Los Angeles. The physical address of Kabbalah Centre to this is on 1062 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035. Their contact number is 310.657.5404, and their email address is e-mail: The bookstore hours are Mon-Thurs 9am to 9pm and Fri 9am to 3pm. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

The Kabbalah Centre has multiple events scheduled for this summer. There events range from meditation to forums. You are welcomed to participate and join.