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Betsy DeVos: A believer in quality education for all

Betsy DeVos is the current and the 11th secretary of education in the US. She was nominated by President Donald J. Trump in early 2017 and approved by the congress for this position. DeVos holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is wife to businessman and philanthropist Dick DeVos. Mrs. DeVos has lead various campaigns and political party organizations. She specifically was the head of Michigan Republican Party for six years. Secretary DeVos has for almost 30 years spent her time advocating for education reforms that would help underprivileged students gain access to quality education.DeVos’ dedication to education reforms started at an early stage in life following influence from her mother who was a school teacher. Her interest grew stronger when she became a parent and had to send her children to public school for education. It is at this time that she realized how the many children were disenfranchised in the search for quality education.

On realizing this educational inadequacy DeVos joined hands with other proponents of educational reform in her locality and ever since she has been in the forefront in advocating for better education for every child in the United States. Additionally, Mrs. Devos spent 15 years as an in-school mentor in the Grand Rapids (Michigan) Public Schools, where her role enabled her to interact with all stakeholders in the education sector. This role made her who she is today, an education reformist.DeVos advances the gospel of quality education and equal opportunities for all children. DeVos advocates for equal entitlement for all students regardless of their area code or a child’s family financial capacity. She believes, every child should have access to a world-class quality education.

As secretary, Devos aims at taking back education control authority to states and localities, where parents can have more input in deciding the educational environment they would like their children to have. In her effort to strengthen the parent empowerment program, DeVos has supported the creation of new educational options for students in 25 states. Most significantly Mrs. DeVos advances her reform agenda through various nonprofit roles. She is head of Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which engages in numerous charitable activities. She serves as a board member for various grouping that includes: Mars Hill Bible Church, DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Foundation for Excellence in Education, and the Kids Hope USA. She is also well known as a frontrunner and campaigner for the educational-choice movement. In that regard, she serves as chairman of the Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children (AFC).

Role of Betsy DeVos of Transforming the Education System

During her days at Calvin College, Betsy DeVos was involved in campus politics, and since the she has remained politically active. After venturing into the business world, Betsy got married to a fellow activist and politician, Dick DeVos, and they have worked together to push for reforms and also to support the needy. Betsy DeVos has actively participated in Republican Party politics, political action committees and serving as chairperson of numerous charitable organizations. Together with her husband and other reform advocates, they have been seeking ways to resolve social problems in Michigan and other states. Her reform agenda has given priority to education because she believes the current system is not serving U.S. kids properly. A few years ago, Mrs. DeVos was interviewed on Philanthropy Roundtable on her role of pushing for the creation of charter schools as well as the best educational choice in order to accommodate large number of underserved children.

Today, Betsy DeVos’ movement has led to formation of charter schools in 25 states all over America. The school choice initiative has also expanded tremendously in the last few years, making her efforts a success. The educational choice movement enjoys enormous support, especially from Latinos. Before she began engaging in education reforms, Betsy had visited Potter’s House in Grand Rapids together with Dick, and realized how some parents faced difficulties when paying tuition fees for their kids. They decided to select some students and fund their studies. However, the idea would not solve the problem because could not sponsor all the needy students in the entire school. Because they were not able to support all the needy students at Potter’s House, Betsy DeVos decided to seek other ways that would bring equality in the education sector.

Personal Biography of Betsy DeVos

Mrs. Betsy DeVos grew up while witnessing leaders in her home town funding various education-related projects. Furthermore, her mother was a public school tutor, and she played critical role of motivating her to have an interest in education. Through her desire to help the needy families in the United States, she formed various PACs, charitable organizations and foundations to advance this worthy cause. These organizations focused on providing better learning opportunities to American all American kids. Betsy earned her bachelor’s of Art degree from Michigan based Calvin College. Prior to joining the Trump’s government, Mrs. DeVos was the chairman of The Windquest. She was also involved in boards of several charitable and civic institutions like Kids Hope U.S.A., Mars Hill Bible Church, ArtPrize, Kendall Center for the Performing Art, and others. For about 15 years, Betsy was involved in mentoring and counseling at-risk students in public schools in Grand Rapids. She interacted with parents, teachers and students, and that made her change her approach towards education forever.

Inspiring Details Regarding Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an amazing entrepreneurial figure who started refining his talent even before enrolling in college. I am delighted to understand that he has experience of over three decades, where he has been impacting the business world. Throughout his journey, Marc has had challenges, as we all know it could not have been entirely seamless. However, such are the past scars that keep him humble despite the high accolades and successes he has earned so far. Most people refer to him as the “entrepreneur of entrepreneurs.” Marc is a believer in God, and he confesses that he has no academic qualification matching his great success, rather it is all by the grace of God.



Marc Renovates Office for Augmentation of Innovative Collaboration



Marc Sparks moved an office that had been planted in its location for over ten years. His main aim was to make it easy for collaboration to pioneer new startups. Most of us know him as the founder of private equity firm, which boosts individual business people in growing their businesses into income-generating ventures. As Marc explains, attaining success in business calls for planning. You must design a concept that perfectly suits your needs, as well as work towards acquiring the necessary resources.



Marc as a Philanthropist and Transforming Author



Marc, who is the founder and CEO of Timber Creek, LP, serves great benevolent deals. He involves himself with Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit foundation that endeavors in constructing relatively cheap houses for the less fortunate. As well, he bankrolls an organization that supplies at-risk children with laptops. In Texas, Sparks funds “The Samaritan Inn,” a foundation that hosts 160 people in need of shelter every night. Having accumulated so much knowledge, Marc is an author who passes to us some of the tips that guide his relevance and consistent growth. In his publication, “They Can’t Eat You,” he gives an account of his journey in entrepreneurship, believing that it will inspire someone and guide them in their daily pursuits.



Fundamental Truths About Timber Creek LP



Timber Creek LP is a privately founded enterprise that specializes in transforming the visions and dreams of future entrepreneurs into the highly-coveted products. The firm has significantly impacted Texas by providing such people with capital, work space, web development services, banking, legal, marketing, networking, as well as all the other necessary things they require to grow their ideas into tangible fruits. This is in addition to his experience, which he offers them to learn from him.






I always marvel at Marc’s kindness despite the incredible milestones he has made. For him, there is no room for pride and self-sufficiency. He is always out helping other people achieve success and grow to the heights they have always desired.

Samuel Strauch’s Success in The Real Estate Industry

According to reports by Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants, properties in Miami Beach are dropping in prices, especially in the posh suburbs where renowned personalities in the city reside. Reports indicated that the average sales in Miami Beach and its surrounding has been dropping by 7.5 percent each year while the median sale reduced by 6.6 percent and the total number of sales dropped by 21.1 percent. Real estate professionals explained that the weak demand from buyers abroad and a big drop in the luxury condominium towers under construction occasioned the meltdown in the industry. However, this is an advantage to the real estate market in the far coast, which does not depend much on foreign buyers. At Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, buyers enjoy better value for their properties and cool environment.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is the principal of Metrik Real Estate in Miami Beach, Florida. Samuel founded the corporation in 2002. He studied business at Hofstra University in New York before proceeding to Erasmus University, Rotterdam and Harvard University. Samuel Strauch started working in the banking industry. Later, he transitioned to real estate when he joined his family’s real estate company in South Florida. Over the years, he has managed to enhance the products and services provided by the firm. Samuel Strauch has invested in internet companies and restaurant firms. He is also interested in arts and photography.

Metrik Real Estate Company is headquartered in South Beach, Florida. It serves clients through equity sourcing, development, acquisitions, brokerage and management. Initially, Metrik operated as an Affinity Realty Group, providing its services in Miami before expanding its footprints to different Latin American Countries. Samuel established a management division that would become Metrik. Samuel Strauch hires great talents with extensive experiences in the industry. This way, they have been able to fuel growth in the company.

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