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Doe Deere Knows How to Express Herself

When it comes to beauty, there have been some hard and fast rules that have existed for years and years. While some people follow these rules as if their very lives depended on them, others pay far less attention to the entire subject. However, most people pay at least some attention to rules of fashion and beauty. In fact, the very same rules that exist in society make it imperative that people follow the rules or become outcasts from the same society in which they seek acceptance. As a result, most people keep things rather calm when it comes to beauty, even if they are desperate to strike out and show their individuality.

Fortunately, there are a few unique pioneers that have decided that enough is enough. They no longer want to be controlled by the rules society has placed on fashion and beauty. Instead, they want to strike out and do something completely different. This makes them stand out. While some may think that they have completely gone off the deep end, they have demonstrated that they no longer care what others think. The most impressive thing is that they are bringing scores of people with them, people who are also tired of following these rules but were too afraid to strike out against the rules themselves.

One such individual is named Doe Deere. She is the creator of famed company Lime Crime. This is a unique company with a name that signifies her attitude towards those who have something negative to say about anyone who chooses not to follow the beauty rules that have been in place for so long. Her company is as unique as her own name and she thrives on the fact that she can finally be different from everyone else while simultaneously being true to herself.

Doe has decided that it is time to let everyone express themselves in whatever way they choose. To that end, she has created some of the most unique contrasting colors that have ever existed, all for the express purpose of helping people stand out from the crowd. She combines cosmetics with unique hair colors and fashion choices in a way that sets the bar for others. In fact, she routinely chooses to use contrasting colors and patterns and she does so as a means of intentionally breaking all the fashion rules. She is leaving these rules in her dust and creating new ways for people to display their personality at the same time. Perhaps most importantly, she is helping others realize that they don’t have to be held back by these archaic rules of fashion. Instead, they can simply enjoy being who they are without fearing what others might think of them for making unconventional choices when it comes to things like fashion and beauty.

No individual should ever feel like they can’t simply be themselves. These pioneers of fashion have helped herald in a new era for those who have decided that the best way they can express themselves is through the clothes they wear and the cosmetics they choose. As a result of their efforts, everyone has more options available to them at all times.