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Personal Tragedy Leads To Activism Success For Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen was born into one of the best known families in Venezuela, filled with diplomats and a legacy dating back to the European aristocracy. This may not be the kind of background one would expect from a leader in the human rights activism community, but Halvorssen has proven himself to be nothing short of a catalyst for change for those he works with and against.

According to, Halvorssen was inspired to become a major part of the human rights activism community after his father was given the role of investigating corruption in Venezuela’s law enforcement; despite being protected by his diplomatic status Halvorssen’s father was kidnapped and tortured because of what he was about to reveal. Family tragedy does not end there for Thor, instead he has seen his mother shot for her political beliefs and other family members imprisoned as they fought the rise of socialism in their home country. A fight that is ongoing for Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation he founded in 2005 in a bid to find more freedom in his role as an activist.

Time is something that is in short supply for Thor Halvorssen as he looks to remain a powerful figure in the human rights community and become more successful as a film producer. A series of documentaries have placed Halvorssen at the forefront of the film industry, including the popular movies “Hammer & Tickle” and “Freedom’s Fury”.

It remains in his role as an activist that Thor Halvorssen has had his greatest successes, which include his award for protecting student speech from the University of Pennsylvania. Halvorssen has also looked to surround himself with former political prisoners and respected politicians at the Human Rights Foundation, which includes his decision to appoint activist Gary Kasparov as President of the group because of his outspoken criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Follow Thor Halvorssen on his Facebook page to learn more.