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Measures Taken by Sergio Cortes to Deal with Health Risks of the Floods in Xerem

The increased amount of rainfall has left devastating effects in its wake. Many areas have been affected by floods which have rendered hundreds homeless. The floods did not spare the residents of Xerém in the municipality of Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro. Due to this problem, shelters have been built to receive people whose homes were swept away by the floods in the area. The crisis has warranted the intervention of the State Government through the state Department of Health led by Sergio Cortes, who recently surveyed the affected areas.

The State Government put has imposed measures to help the residents of Xerém. According to an article by Extra found in, the government has opened a Dengue Hydration Centre to cater for those who develop dehydration due to the dengue fever. The centre can serve three hundred people a day. Secretary Sergio Cortes explained that the centre was an action taken by the Health Department to prevent the outbreak of dengue fever since the accumulated garbage in the city has increased possibility of dengue mosquito reproduction.

However, during such weather conditions, other diseases may also outbreak for example leptospirosis and diarrhoea since many people are exposed to contaminated water. Therefore, in a meeting with other health officials, Sergio Cortes and his colleagues agreed that his department would deliver another calamity kit and three thousand antibiotic tablets to be used for early leptospirosis treatment. During this period Atanews reported, Sergio has played a significant role by being at the forefront to prevent disease outbreaks. Being a medical expert, he has also been helping the Epidemiological Surveillance teams by advising them on the signs and symptoms they should look out for in their tests.

Nevertheless, despite the measures put in place to treat the diseases, the contaminated water would make these efforts futile. Owing to this, the state Department of Health has teams acting daily to disinfect the water. According to Sergio Cortes, the efforts of these teams would be greatly improved if all people helped by purifying the water they use. For this purpose, the health department has delivered ten thousand bottles of sodium hypochlorite to the residents of Caxias, which he recommended being used in water tanks especially for those people at the shelters and for those who are in their homes to use bottled water for drinking. He also stressed the importance of food hygiene.

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