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Venezuela Announces Measures to Deal With Food Shortages

The Venezuelan government has recently announced plans to deal with the food shortages that have been affecting the nation for the last two years and have gotten worse in recent months. According to a statement made by Food Minister Jose Manuel Gonzalez, the government has bought 115,000 tons of basic products, such as beans, maize, sugar and rice. These basic necessities will be distributed through communal councils directly to the homes of families that need them.
Many of these items have become scarce as the government is struggling to pay for imports amidst a shortage of foreign currency that has been partly caused by falling oil prices. President Nicolas Maduro has repeatedly stated that private companies, such as food wholesalers, producers and supermarkets have been hoarding goods to speculate on their prices.

While the government sees this new measure as a viable solution to the lineups that local residents have to endure for hours just to buy basic foodstuffs, some in the opposition believe that the ruling party is trying to ensure people’s loyalty by creating a monopoly on the distribution of food.

This has been denied by Mr. Torres, who released a media statement which was published on wikipedia in which he rejected the accusation that those who oppose the government would be discriminated against when it comes to food distribution. He clarified that every sector of the population will be able to benefit from the food distribution plan, regardless of political affiliation.


George Soros Predictions In The Market

Because of the may defects in the structure that the European union as well as the elders have put forward for the entire region in Europe, they are now the masters of the meddlers because they are move ng forth from one crisis to another. This kind of art is called by the Englishmen as one that they are rolling a can down the valley as they are kicking it but George Soros best describes the act as one that lets them kick the can up the hill and it keeps rolling back to them because all this crisis are as a result of their negligence at one point in time and has led to many other crisis arising from that one crisis they failed to manage.

At this point in time the European Union is facing five crises at a single moment and are therefore not certain on which they should give priority or start from which one. They are at simple crossroads. Four of those crises are the internal ones and one from the external source. The British referendum, the Greece, the euro and the migration that is in the country at this point in time. Britain has a referendu8m on which it will decide whether to stay in the European Union or not in these coming elections. The most expectorate crisis that they are facing now is the aggression of Russia on their neighbours and friends in Ukraine. The crisis is now then being reinforced one to another and is now being overwhelmed. The only thing can be done to be integrated in the current situation that they are facing is one that will be the greatest need they are facing right now in their union.

It is so obvious that all these five crises cannot be finished at a single moment by just one union in Europe. There now arises a great need that they give preference to all those needs and identify the one that has more severe outcome and give it priority in how to achieve it. In contrast, there is an external threat that is being faced by the Russian federation. This kind of treatment is that that will be given to all the crisis and that none of the crisis will appear to be neglected. George Soros argues that Ukraine is the topmost and will be given the top priority and be assigned an immediate action to curb the situation down there. The crisis that are now internal are set to divide the togetherness of the entire union and this will be a sign that the people will be united by one force.