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Let’s Have A Party

Teddy, Jessica’s little man, had an adorable first birthday with a farm theme. Twenty Three Layers, a company Jessica works for, had a little hand in decorating for the event. The ideas came together in a way that was fun and dazzling at the same time, showcasing the many things that can be found on a farm.

As children sit at a large table with a checkered tablecloth, they are greeted with a cup and straw as well as a small basket with a cookie in the shape of an apple. The centerpiece of the table is three large baskets with apples in them. This brings out the farm theme in a big way along with several treats that are made with apples. Teddy’s name is used on many of the decorations. The dessert table features hay bales, wagons and crates that are full of apple pies, cookies, cake pops with animal faces and even small mason jars that hold strawberry cheesecake.

Each aspect of the party is done in red, white and natural colors. There is a wagon with a hay bale that children can sit on for pictures and farm animals decorations on the wall. Children have a box with their name on it saying Take Me that includes treats with apples and animals. The high chair was even in on the farm theme with a bandana on the back and what appears to be parts of a flour sack cut as a background for the letters in the word “ONE.”

Twenty Three Layers is a company based in New York. It specializes in event planning for almost any event that you can imagine. From the simple birthday party to an extravagant wedding reception, the decorators and design planners can create a memorable event.

The company works with several companies around the world to give the best in the way of food, music and entertainment. Careful thought is put into making sure all of the needs of the guests are exceeded. With a few special touches, Twenty Three Layers brings out the personality and unique desires of any party host and guest of honor.

Jessica Boskoff: NYC’s Premier & Forward Thinking Event Planner

Events can be boring affairs, so trying to do what you can to inject some life or excitement into your event should be a priority. The good news is that event planning specialist in NYC, Jessica Boskoff, agrees with you, too.

What Jessica Boskoff Thinks About Event Planning

New York is supposed to be a place where an event shines brighter than the one before it, but that has gotten bland. Many event planners just go through the motions and provide–what they believe–is an acceptable affair.

But the truth is people are hungry for something new, personalized, and a bit whimsical. This is where Jessica Boskoff’s Twenty Three Layers comes in. Twenty Three Layers is a firm dedicated to designing the perfect event that suits you. What Boskoff prides herself on delivering the kind of event that showcases a theme, the event leader’s spirit, and a touch of artistry.

Get a Feel for Boskoff’s Design Sensibilities

What Boskoff brings to any event is a rejection of traditional norms, like using traditional colors. Take, for example, weddings that usually stick with white and pastel pink. Boskoff will introduce colors like aqua, turquoise, pastel greens, and pastel yellows. What she wants to do is take what is traditionally acceptable and splash it with a unique accent color.

She also loves to add different props. Boskoff’s props are designed to fit the theme and the personality of the person who hires her, but there is still a distinct approach to them. You might find a set of detailed chests stacked up while holding beautiful floral arrangements, just as an example.

Boskoff also loves the idea of adding more sweets than one can handle. Yes, most people expect a cake, but why not add some petite cupcakes around for your guest to marvel and taste? Boskoff might also add some delicious donuts because she knows that many of your guests might have deprived themselves for too long. Let your event be the place where they can enjoy sweets once again and indulge.

Twenty Three Layers can offer many more ideas for you and are quite flexible, which embodies the spirit of true artists who can morph into what is needed.