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U.S. Money Reserve Rise to be United States’ Distributer of Government-Issued Coins, bars and bullion

In a latest Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Radio conversation, the former U.S Mint Director and current U.S Money Reserve President, Philip Diehl discussed the rise of U.S money Reserve from what was considered a pretty backward agency to a real entrepreneurial agency.

The conversation was one of Diehl’s routine radio station’s interviews where executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners chat about their latest products, services, experiences, creations and strategies.

In the chatroom, Philip Diehl conferred his leadership background, his company’s strong customer services commitment and the future of gold market. He is regarded as one of the most accomplished executive in history having steered U.S Mint Directors, the company that circulates coinage for United States to becoming the largest, reputable and trustworthy institution in the world. He is responsible for feats like the 50 States Quarter Program and the distribution of U.S first government-issued platinum coin.

Philip Diehl remember the transformation of his former company, U.S Mint Directors explaining that he and his colleagues turned a pretty shabby enterprise into one of US largest coinage agency. He attributes the success of the transformation to the making of a six-year commitment to improving customer service. Diehl did this by matching the ultimate best in American business in terms of customer satisfaction.

At U.S Money Reserve, Diehl has applied the same entrepreneurial philosophies and principles toward customer’s satisfaction making the company the largest distributor of government-issued precious metals bars, coins and bullions.

Earlier this year, U.S Money Reserve established a program, named the IRA Program allowing clients and businesses to hold physical gold as a representation of their personal or business wealth while benefiting from any surge in gold prices. Read more: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase and US Money Reserve TV Commercials –

The seniors can also use their retirement funds to invest in gold while expecting a return from potential gold price rises.

Clients can choose either minted silver, platinum or gold with legal tenders of these precious metals backed by the U.S government.

With U.S Money Reserve, clients are guaranteed of content, purity and weight and with the anticipated volatility especially in Asia and Europe, then customers are assured of a return as the price of gold is expected to rise. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

About U.S Money Reserve

The country’s largest circulator of government-issued coins, bars and bullion established in 2002. The company has helped thousands of people to make the right decisions about gold, platinum and silver over the years.

The company has achieved this by earning their customers’ trust, then business, thanks to the team of professional who build exceptional relationship with their customers. The company have served more than 300,000 individuals to date.