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Yeonmi Park Shares Her Story Through Writing

Yeonmi Park is best know for being a North Korean defector. Park has used her story to also become a human rights activist. She has given multiple interviews on the Reason TV and speeches and now she has written her own book. In the Amazon released book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, Park details her story. But not only does the book cover her escape, it also details her life in North Korea. Park discusses what it was like growing up under such an oppressive regime. She tells of what daily life can actually be like. Park then goes on to take readers through her escape. And it was not an easy one.
When Park was only 15 years old, she and her mother fled North Korea in the middle of the night. They had to cross a frozen river into China. Unfortunately, their guides were dishonest and sold them into slavery. For nearly 2 years, Park and her mother were separated. Yeonmi Park eventually became friends with her captor and convinced him to purchase her mother and bring her father over from North Korea. Park’s father died a short time after arriving in China because of untreated cancer. It was at this point that Park and her mother decided it was time to flee. They walked through the Gobi desert in order to reach safety in Mongolia. Once in Mongolia, they were transported to South Korea and reunited with Park’s younger sister and other family members. This harrowing story has brought a new light to what is occurring in North Korea and in China. Yeonmi Park has great concern from the human trafficking that is occurring in Asia and the lack of human rights, especially in North Korea.