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Avi Weisfogel Develops Tested DSM Practice Model as A Guide for Physicians

Sleep apnea is a sleep condition in which the individual stops breathing for a few seconds or minutes. Millions of Americans have the disorder, and are uninformed by medical physicians they suffer from the condition. Over the years, certified sleep physicians addressed the issue and performed comprehensive research to find the cause and treatments. Avi Weisfogel, Co-Founder of Dental Sleep Masters (DMS) has spent years researching sleep apnea and created the DSM Practice Model to transform the way patients receives treatments, referrals, and diagnosis. His mission is to offer solutions that benefit patients and primary & secondary physicians.


Certified sleep physicians and medical physicians associate the disorder with medical conditions, such as anxiety, depression, diabetes, heart conditions, and injuries. Avi Weisfogel discontinued practicing dentistry to specialize in sleep apnea. He founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and co-founded Healthy Heart Sleep, in Old Bridge, New Jersey. In 2014, Weisfogel co-founded Dental Sleep Masters to teach and train dentists and physicians through a marketing program.


Dental Sleep Masters Model offers dentists and physicians two options; enhance their practice by adding dental sleep medicine or limit practice to sleep medicine. In early practice at DSM, he focused on a marketing system that was taught to healthcare practitioners through seminars. The new model is for primary and secondary care physicians, which comprises of certified sleep physicians and sleep labs. DSM Practice Model offers a level one clinical course and the DSM Program includes advanced level two and level three sleep medicine courses.


Avi Weisfogel graduated from Rutgers University, earning a BA in biology. He received his doctrine degree from New York University, College of Dentistry. Weisfogel hasn’t left dentistry entirely, for more than 15 years he provides cosmetic dentistry services to Operation Smile. The non-profit organization helps national and international children receive the necessary services to correct cleft lips and facial deformities.


On September 8th, 2016, Dental Sleep Master announced the new DSM Model in a PR Newswire press release. Weisfogel has inclusive sleep apnea knowledge through thorough research and practice. His goals are to introduce DSM model to the healthcare industry; offer courses for physicians and dentists to receive certification; and begin practice.

Taking a Deeper Look at interesting Life of Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, born in 1972, holds many titles including a dentist, an entrepreneur, a family man, and a Philanthropist. Avi Weisfogel went to New York University College of Dentistry, and has been serving patients with all kinds of dental issues for the past 20 years. He is also an active member of American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.


Early in his career, Weisfogel became interested in the connection between sleep and dentistry. This led him to conduct extensive research on the subject and finally became a Diplomate in sleep dentistry. Realizing that sleeping disorders not only cause restless nights, but also cause cardiovascular issues, Diabetes, and Stroke, Weisfogel began working to combat these myriad dangers. He co-founded Dental sleep masters. The program aims at helping medical practitioners address sleep disorders in a more effective manner. Through this program, Weisfogel is reaching out to other dentists to help people suffering from sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder.


Weisfogel is renowned for his participation in numerous charities activities. In fact, he is considered one of the kindest hearts for his Operation Smile campaigns. His concerns for poor children born with cleft palates and cleft lips prompted him to initiate Go Fund Me campaign for Operation Smile. Through Operation Smile, professionals volunteer to perform surgeries on children born with facial deformities from all over the world. These life-changing surgeries give them a healthy smile, and for that reason, Weisfogel considers Go Fund Me to be a worthy cause. To date, the organization has provided over 250,000 free dental procedures in people in more than 60 countries.
Dr. Weisfogel is not just an average dentist. When relaxing from his busy dental practice, he loves to create hip-hop music. Do not be surprised to find dope beats on Vimeo and Sound Cloud. Often, he explains that he finds inspiration from the world around him to create music that inspires. He is also a big fan of New York Ranges and love spending time with his family. Moreover, you will find him on different social media platforms sharing inspiring videos and shedding some insights with others.