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Bruce Levenson Looks For Future Success For Student Philanthrolpists

The communications expert Bruce Levenson should be heading into a quieter period of his life, but his career as a philanthropist is now becoming the main focal point in his life as he seeks to develop a career that will be of great benefit to the people of the world. One of the most important aspects of the work of Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has been the establishment of the “Do Good Initiative” at the University of Maryland; Bruce and Karen Levenson played a major role in providing the initial funding for the $75 million educational program that is the first of its kind.

In a report by Benzinga, individual classes and a major are now available at the University of Maryland through the not for profit based learning of the “Do Good Initiative”, but the focus is also on bringing as many students into the world of philanthropy as possible. Across the campus at the University of Maryland Bruce Levenson is funding programs that allow each and every member of the college to get the most from their time at college in terms of learning about the opportunities available through philanthropic giving.

Brcue Levenson is best knwon for his time as the President of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise,, but he is also a popular figure within the real time communications industry where he has built a personal fortune based on the work of the UCG company he co-founded with business partner Ed Peskowitz. As the leader of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, Levenson developed a number of philanthropic programs, including his roles with the Hoop Dreams and Make A Wish Foundations. As a leading member of the Jewish community, Bruce Levenson has also made a number of programs a part of his life, including the foundation of the U.S. Holocaust Museum and the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute.