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Vanilla Bean is the Top EOS Flavor

Evolution of Smooth lip balm flavors keep this product selling quickly. Women who want soft lips get an added bonus when they apply this lip balm. There are eight flavors to choose from, each organic and natural and ready to keep your lips moisturized and at their best. But, which of the lip balm flavors is worthy of your attention? They’re all great, and you should give them all a try one time. Hop over to for more EOS.



Vanilla Bean is the best flavor. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Everyone has a favorite, but the Vanilla Bean is my top choice. The other EOS lip balm flavors are amazing, but this one just has a little something more that I like. Vanilla Bean is a name that alone proves it is high-quality, and with one application on the lips, you’ll discover firsthand that it is true. Have fun checking more of EOS lip balm.



The EOS lip balm Vanilla Bean is rich in flavor, but it isn’t too overpowering like some lip balms. When you apply the balm, it is very hard not to lick, because it tastes like a nice bowl of the best vanilla bean ice cream. Any vanilla ice cream fan knows just how delicious this is, so you can imagine why the Vanilla Bean from EOS is so delightful.



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If You Share a Photo of Doe Deere, You’d Better Give Credit!


Let’s face it, Doe Deere is edgy, fashionable, and incredibly beautiful. The Lime Crime founder also probably has followers saving screenshots of her Instagram posts by the thousands, especially since she has more than 300,000 followers.

After all, Doe Deere is a well-known beauty influencer. She started out designing and selling her own clothes on ebay, modeling them herself. But, Deere quickly found that she wanted her makeup to be vibrant and vivid to match her clothes, and she just couldn’t find any that “popped” enough for her. And so, Lime Crime cosmetics was born, a cruelty-free makeup line full of rich color and pigment. The line officially launched in 2008, quickly becoming a pioneer for independent online makeup retailers and brands thanks to smart business decisions like choosing to have actual lip swatches of lip products on the site.

So while the urge to screenshot Doe Deere’s posts is understandable, if you repost or share one of those images, you have to make sure to give credit. 66 year-old artist Richard Prince learned that the hard way.

Doe Deere looked otherworldly in the photo Prince saw, with azure waves framing her face, ivory skin, and classic red lips. In the photo, she held a small doll that had been created in her likeness, even with the same clothes. In Deere’s photo, she made sure to credit the maker of the doll, her friend Joshua David McKenney. By sharing and crediting his work, she wasn’t just showing her pride in the artfully crafted doll, but also hoping he would get more exposure and build a stronger fan base for himself. McKenney is quite talented. Even Richard Prince clearly thought so, though he should have been more careful with how he appreciated the work.

Prince had a 48-by-65-inch print made of the photo and sold it for $90,000 at the Frieze Art Fair. The problem? Prince did not credit McKenney for his work on the print, actually removing any mention of his name before having the print made. While McKenney was baffled to discover how easily his work and Doe Deere’s image was appropriated, he decided to look on the bright side; rather than having his Pidgin dolls considered as mere toys, they are clearly being recognized as the art form that they are.

Not to let Prince have the last word, Doe Deere posted the image on Instagram once more, with this caption, ““Just to clarify, this was my tribute to @pidgindoll, created by friend & artist @jdavidmckenney. @RichardPrince1234 removed my original caption, before printing and displaying it (without my knowledge) in the Frieze Gallery. I wanted to put the focus back onto where it belongs: the beautiful, hand-crafted doll.”

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Doe Deere: Queen of Unicorns and Color


Glance through the bright, cotton candy hues of Lime Crime’s website and it’s not hard to see why its founder and CEO Doe Deere is beauty’s “unicorn queen.”

Doe Deere has a life as colorful as her makeup palettes. Born in Russia, she grew up in New York City, where she developed her fantastic imagination. From the start, she loved experimenting with colors, and her outfits didn’t feel complete without pairing them with the right makeup. In an interview with Galore Magazine, Deere said that when she and her friends tried a spooky slumber party ritual, she swatched herself in dark eyeliner and lip liner to match the mood.

The idea that makeup could make or break an outfit was what sparked the launch of Lime Crime. At first, however, Deere didn’t think about a brand. Lime Crime began in 2008 as the eBay handle for the clothes she was creating and selling online. It was simple–her favorite color was lime green and the name just popped into her head. But when she realized that she couldn’t find the right makeup to go with her new clothes, she launched Unicorn Lipsticks in 2009. These lipsticks are bright and sweet-hued, defining Lime Crime’s look.

But Doe Deere and her company aren’t just about fashion and beauty. Lime Crime has committed itself to ethical products. The entire makeup line has been formulated with vegan standards in mind. The makeup is entirely cruelty-free, from ingredients to testing. Not only that, but the company has donated over $16,000 to charities supporting children, women, and animals.

What might be most impressive about Doe Deere, though, is how she challenges beauty standards. Lime Crime’s products aren’t marketed with the outdated idea that makeup is only for women. “I make makeup for girls and boys like me,” Doe Deere says on Lime Crime’s website. The wild colors found in Lime Crime’s makeup line and in Doe Deere’s personal style attest the uniqueness and creativity inside all fashion lovers. That’s why her followers are called unicorns–unique and lovely creatures who aren’t afraid to be themselves. And that is why Doe Deere is the Unicorn Queen.

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Doe Deere Inspires and Informs


Doe Deere was recently profiled by Guest of a Guest. In the article, Deere shared her secret to entrepreneurial success. From the pictures, anyone can see that Deere has a true passion for beauty and fashion. With both pink and purple hair, Deere is a striking image of self confidence and a real zest for life. She has always been a force in the fashion and beauty industries and was happy to share the story behind her success as an entrepreneur with fans of her makeup and clothing lines.

Deere certainly has an unconventional personal history for a leader in the cosmetics industry. She was born in Russia and moved to New York City when she was 17. She later moved to Los Angeles, where she now spends about half of her time. Deere has roots as a musician and performer. Through making music, she developed her personal style of self expression and learned to embrace her quirks and personality. She went on to develop her own fashion line, which she sold for years on eBay. It was through her innovative approach to using bold prints and pattern for her clothing designs that Deere began her love affair with striking makeup. She could never quite find the right shades of makeup to match with her flashy clothing. Rather, the conventional makeup that was sold in stores seemed drab and boring to Deere. As a solution, Deere decided to make her own makeup so that she and her customers could have access to fabulous beauty products to complete her unique outfits.

Deere started amassing a large following of customers who loved her bright makeup colors. Deere began to refer to her followers as “unicorns” because they tended to have a penchant for marching to the beat of their own drums and being just fine with standing out in a crowd. Deere turned her following into a major cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Since it was first established, Lime Crime has reached an incredible following of more than 2 million Instagram users. It continues to be a leader in the cosmetics industry because it offers totally unique products that allow customers to tap into fun and personality in creating their own looks.

In advising other young women about how to create their own success, Deere tells them to simply follow their heart. This strategy certainly worked for Deere and her amazing company.

Doe Deere Tells Women To Forget Their Age, Their Hair Color And The Patriarchy

Doe Deere started Lime Crime because she was tired of missing out on her favorite makeup colors, but she has gone way beyond what she started out to do. Her products are worn by women all over the world, but she is turning into a fashion adviser who tells women what they can wear and when they can wear it. Doe has a pretty interesting way of looking at fashion industry, and she is helping women topple the patriarchy with her new fashion rules.

Doe’s fashion rules are not really rules at all. She prefers women wear whatever they feel like wearing, but she has to come up with anti-rules that help women get over the old rules they were taught as girls. Doe sort of looks at fashion rules as a way of forcing girls to conform to the things that men want to see, and she hates the idea of girls dressing to please men.

Dressing one’s own age is a big deal in the world because women get told to dress their age all the time. There are teenagers who love power suits, and there are 60-year old women with greet legs who love mini skirts. Doe wants women to dress the age they feel, and it will always make them look hotter. Doe does the same thing, and some of the pictures from the article prove that her anti-rules work.

There are a lot of women who love to wear all their favorite bright colors all at the same time, and Doe knows that women get told to not do that. Girls can wear as many bright colors as they want at the same time, and it makes sense for them to combine them any way they want. There are a lot of girls who love black and neutral colors, too. Those girls can wear whatever they want, but they should not feel like they are being forced by society to wear something they do not like.

Girls who dye their hair should not feel like they can only wear black. The whole culture is telling girls with bright hair to only wear neutral colors, and Doe hates that idea. She would much rather see girls wear any colors they want, and she is photographed for the article showing her with blue hair. She looks great in the pictures, and she is breaking all the old fashion rules while wearing her hair in bright blue.

The last big rule that Doe does not like is the idea that women cannot wear whatever makeup they want. Doe makes bright colors for Lime Crime, and she thinks that women can wear bright lips and eyes at the same time. She thinks women can wear a bright blush on top of that, and she knows that all her colors work really well together. The lesson to take from Doe Deere is that the old fashion rules no longer have an bearing in reality. She looks great in a short skirt, peep toe shoes, blue hair and bright makeup.

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Doe Deere Knows How to Express Herself

When it comes to beauty, there have been some hard and fast rules that have existed for years and years. While some people follow these rules as if their very lives depended on them, others pay far less attention to the entire subject. However, most people pay at least some attention to rules of fashion and beauty. In fact, the very same rules that exist in society make it imperative that people follow the rules or become outcasts from the same society in which they seek acceptance. As a result, most people keep things rather calm when it comes to beauty, even if they are desperate to strike out and show their individuality.

Fortunately, there are a few unique pioneers that have decided that enough is enough. They no longer want to be controlled by the rules society has placed on fashion and beauty. Instead, they want to strike out and do something completely different. This makes them stand out. While some may think that they have completely gone off the deep end, they have demonstrated that they no longer care what others think. The most impressive thing is that they are bringing scores of people with them, people who are also tired of following these rules but were too afraid to strike out against the rules themselves.

One such individual is named Doe Deere. She is the creator of famed company Lime Crime. This is a unique company with a name that signifies her attitude towards those who have something negative to say about anyone who chooses not to follow the beauty rules that have been in place for so long. Her company is as unique as her own name and she thrives on the fact that she can finally be different from everyone else while simultaneously being true to herself.

Doe has decided that it is time to let everyone express themselves in whatever way they choose. To that end, she has created some of the most unique contrasting colors that have ever existed, all for the express purpose of helping people stand out from the crowd. She combines cosmetics with unique hair colors and fashion choices in a way that sets the bar for others. In fact, she routinely chooses to use contrasting colors and patterns and she does so as a means of intentionally breaking all the fashion rules. She is leaving these rules in her dust and creating new ways for people to display their personality at the same time. Perhaps most importantly, she is helping others realize that they don’t have to be held back by these archaic rules of fashion. Instead, they can simply enjoy being who they are without fearing what others might think of them for making unconventional choices when it comes to things like fashion and beauty.

No individual should ever feel like they can’t simply be themselves. These pioneers of fashion have helped herald in a new era for those who have decided that the best way they can express themselves is through the clothes they wear and the cosmetics they choose. As a result of their efforts, everyone has more options available to them at all times.

Doe Deere Builds A Makeup Empire

The cosmetics industry has largely been a closed shop of companies who have been in existence for decades continuing to create new products similar to those released over the last few years. In the face of the relative similarity between the different types of makeup on offer the number of individuals seeking to create their own makeup from the base ingredients available via the Internet has been growing. Many of these part-time makeup creators choose to create their own products for themselves and their friends, but others are looking to take their passion and become important players in the cosmetics industry. One of this new order of cosmetics professionals is Doe Deere, who is the founder and CEO of the Lime Crime brand that has been growing in popularity selling products on its own Website.

Deere has always been involved in the fashion industry and brings together the Russian history of her family and the culture of her home in New York. The initial steps taken by Doe Deere in the fashion industry came after she completed her education in the industry in New York as a clothing designer. As her interest in clothing design continued the designer also looked to create an overall image for herself and her growing number of followers with the inclusion of her own makeup creations. After a short period of experimentation Deere found that she had a passion for creating her own cosmetics, which reflected the design style she was trying to put forward with her own range of clothing. Bright, blocks of color have become the signature style of Doe Deere as her Lime Crime brand has grown, which has now seen a number of her followers seek out similar styles and effects using the makeup created for the brand.

Doe Deere is not only an expert in the creation of makeup, but she also keeps a close eye on every aspect of the business as it grows in style. The high level of control Deere keeps on her growing business empire has seen her bring together a group of trusted and experienced professionals from the industry. Despite the growth of her staff, Deere still finds the time to work in the lab created for the development of new Lime Crime products that must meet her own stringent specifications. Doe Deere looks to develop these products and the extensive marketing campaigns as an extension of her own specific style. This means the changing personality and personal style of the cosmetics mogul will continue to evolve as she herself matures as a designer and makeup expert.