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Kate Hudson Tackles Amazon with Fabletics

Fabletics is a somewhat new membership program that people have started to use to receive new active wear each month. The membership program works similar to that of your magazine subscriptions. It will combine a monthly fee with active wear and when you are done, you will receive clothing in the mail each and every month. You will join for a membership fee of $25, this starts your membership off and each month following, the cost will go up depending on which level of membership you want.


Fabletics started out as a simple concept that Kate Hudson thought of after she finished working out in uncomfortable clothes. She knew that women were struggling with their own workout gear and decided to try and make something knew that women would not be as uncomfortable in. For this reason, she worked with designers and fashion experts to create a line of workout gear that women would love.


Once the workout gear was designed and tried them on, she instantly fell in love and learned that others would also love the workout clothes. She then decided to help others out by creating the idea of the monthly subscription plan. She wanted to make money as well and knew that if she created a monthly subscription plan like this, she could make money, advertise something that she loves and believes in all the while she is helping women out. This was a brilliant idea and she knew it.


Once the clothes were made, she then went on to try and sell them. She knew that she had to face Amazon head on. A large population of people all turn to Amazon to get their shopping needs met. If you are shopping online, you most likely are using Amazon to do it, right? Well she knew that in order to beat Amazon, she needed to offer something that Amazon didn’t. That is where the membership plan came in. She also went to advertising her specials on commercials. I am sure that you have seen her infomercials at some point in time.


Once you begin your monthly subscription plan and receive your workout gear, if you like what you get, you can either continue your membership or you may decide that it isn’t for you after all. If you do decide to continue on, each month you will receive a new outfit in the mail. If you like it, you keep it but if don’t, simply call them and have them issue you a credit to something else that you might like. Once you do this, you return the item or items you didn’t like and your next shipment will go on as planned. It really is all that simple. Kate Hudson knew it and she put it use.