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International Entertainment Success Helps Children Through Lovaganza

The Lovaganza foundation is one of the world’s fastest growing entertainment companies, but is trying to do much more than simply entertain families around the world. The foundation has also been seeking to find assistance in its fight to ensure every child around the world has access to their basic rights as young people and human beings; by 2035 the aim of the group is to have made sure each and every child has access to a quality of life that allows them the time and freedom to enjoy their lives and live safely.

Lovaganza has set out to entertain the world with a series of movies and other entertainment options, including a film trilogy that brings to life the principles and moral values of the group. The movie production side of Lovaganza has taken a fresh approach to providing entertainment to the people of the world by bringing together professionals from across the entertainment landscape to create some of the best entertainment ever created on Film professionals from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Europe are now working to create a trilogy of films, which began with “Follow Your Sunshine”, that make up what has become known as “The Lovaganza Convoy”.

The aims of Lovaganza have been set out on a specific timescale that will bring peace and success to more children around the world than ever before, which should later trickle down to allow adults the same levels of freedom and quality of life enjoyed by children. Access to clean water, education, and a peaceful childhood are all included in the six aims of Lovaganza, which the foundation hopes will be achieved by the year 2035 for every child ion the world.

Research into the problems affecting children around the world and how to solve these issues began in 2016 as the Lovaganza Foundation is seeking to bring forward the same problems facing young people to the adults of the future; by 2050, the six aims of Lovaganza should have been achieved for the adults of the world, which will ensure a happy, healthy life for all those who live in any area of the world.

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Lawyer Ross Abelow’s Interest in Safeguarding the Rights and Welfare of Homeless Animals

Universally, it is believed that the legal profession’s mandate is upholding the rule of law, the guardians of the tenets of democracy, safeguarding human beings as well as the rights of animals. There are many lawyers around the globe who have zealously and tirelessly fought against cruelty to animals. One of the people who have been instrumental in protecting the rights of homeless animals is seasoned New York lawyer Ross Abelow.

Apart from his contribution in protecting the rights of animals and the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people, he has significantly contributed financially in a bid to help take care of the homeless animals during the cold and winter season by keeping them in shelters to receive the necessary attention and care they require.

This period, many homeless people stay out in the cold with their pets and are unable to find a place to sleep, eat or even get the basic need like warm clothing during this period.

Unfortunately, many homeless animals in New York and other States lose their lives due to the cold. Fortunately, good hearted people like Ross Abelow have opted to raise a whooping five thousand dollars to help homeless animals during this period by providing the necessary things to help them get through this period. The proceeds of the fundraiser will be able to purchase food, receive medical services due to ailments that crop up during winter and generally warm clothing as well as more blankets to help them get through the harsh winter season.

Mr.Ross has been a general legal practitioner for a period of 26 years defending different suits for clients since he was called to the bar in 1990 in the state of New York. He is currently a partner at the law firm of Abelow & Cassandro, Llp. During his 26 year old legal career, he has handled family related disputes and division of matrimonial property in courts of law in the New York. He also has immense knowledge in commercial transactions and entertainment law and has done litigation in both areas of the law. His experience and high ethical standards over last twenty six years practicing law has made him exceptionally good and an expert in family law, the law relating to commercial disputes and entertainment law. Apart from defending and prosecuting claims in court on behalf of his clients, he pens down legal articles on his personal blog as well as the Crown Point New York.

Philanthropist Sanjay Shah Adds Board Members To Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks, an invitation-only rock concert, was founded by Sanjay Shah in 2014 in order to increase the public’s awareness of autism and to raise money for research. His son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Autism is a neurological disease. It is a developmental disability that affects social development skills with other people and hinders the ability to communicate. One in 68 children is affected and the incidences of autism have increased 30 percent since 2012.

According to Register.FCA, Sanjay Shah CEO of Solo Capital has just added two new members to the Board of Trustees for Autism Rocks, Pete and Will Best. Pete Best is known as the guy that got fired from the Beatles in 1962. He was replaced by drummer Ringo Starr. There was a huge legal battle over this, and when it was over, Pete became an actor and writer. In 2012, Will Best became a presenter at T4, which is channel 4 at Britain’s Creative Greenhouse, a popular non-profit TV station funded by advertising. Shah has known both of the Bests since their university days and expects that they will bring a great deal to Autism Rocks. They will be involved with the managerial process, the funding, and most certainly, the concerts.

Before his career as a philanthropist, Shah was an accountant although he had studied medicine in school. This led to him starting his own brokerage business, Solo Capital. About five years ago, Solo Capital was doing so well that Shah could step back from the business and pursue other interests. He devoted himself to promoting a rock concert in Dubai, called Done Events. Although Shah’s interest in Solo Capital venture was commercial, he has strong hopes that it will be an annual event in Dubai.

Once Shah found out his son had autism, he decided to do something about it. He was interested in informing the public about this fairly unknown disease and he saw a great need for research on autism, so he launched Autism Rocks. He wanted to not just donate money for this cause, he wanted to know what caused it and why. One of the early discoveries about autism was a treatment plan that helps sufferers of this disease. Treatment must be started early and it is expensive and long-term, so Shah’s son was included in the program right away. His concern is for other children who can’t afford the treatment and need some help