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George Soros Proves That Glen Beck Shouldn’t Be Teaching History

There’s no question that Glen Beck is a popular fellow. One of the biggest stars of the Fox media empire, and a best selling author in his own right, Beck has millions of fans, who seemingly hang on his every word. And Beck has plenty to say. The problem is that he is both misleading and often incorrect. A good case in point is the George Soros saga.

Soros is the well-known and respected international financier who has made billions of dollars on several continents over a storied 50+ year career. When Soros talks, people listen, and he has had plenty to say in recent years concerning the European Union’s financial woes, and China’s economic crisis. And in addition to George Soros’s financial acumen, he has a compelling back story of a young man fleeing war torn Europe to find spectacular success as an immigrant. War, history, and economics. Fans of Glen Beck’s know that these are three subjects on which he considers himself to be an authority. So why does he seem to have a problem with George Soros?

As chronicled in an article in The Daily Beast, Beck has used his media platform to target Soros, implying that the financier:

controls global finances

is part of a global conspiracy

is plotting to overthrow the U.S. government

was a Nazi

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Where is Beck getting this inflammatory information? Beck claims his “Soros Nazi connection” comes from the fact that Soros and members of his family survived Germany’s World War II occupation of Hungary, and the Third Reich efforts to eradicate that country’s Jewish population. But The Daily Beast article points out that like other Jews who survived the Hungarian Holocaust, the surviving Soros family members did so by defying orders to turn themselves in to occupying troops.

Since Beck’s argument that Soros was a Nazi collaborator doesn’t hold water, he has more recently been focusing on claims that he has been instrumental in government overthrowing. And here Beck is correct. But it was Hungary’s former Communist government that Soros had a hand in overthrowing in the 1980s, by supplying dissidents with money and technological equipment. With Soros’s assistance, oppressive Communist regimes in other European countries also collapsed. George Soros was honored in fact, at age 80 for having been one of the four people in the world (Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II were the other three) to have ended Communism.

Soros has dealt with Beck’s claims in the same way he dealt with similar ones levied against him by the former Hungarian government. He has ignored them. But as The Daily Beast writer pointed out, the Hungarian arguments Beck has made his own are thinly disguised anti-Semitic diatribes. And despite what Beck personally believes, he is passing these ideas along to millions of devoted listeners, who are unaware that they are not being warned about a dangerous “king maker”, but instead getting a very distorted view of history.

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