Greg Secker and the success of Learn to Trade

Greg Secker is a 42-year-old successful English businessman residing in London. He is a graduate of the University of Nottingham and is recognized for his vast knowledge and experience in foreign exchange and finance. He works as a Forex trader in London. Mr. Secker is an author of several books like Financial Freedom through Forex, Trading your way to Success and many others. These books guide the readers about online trading and how one can set up their own business in this field. He is the founder of companies like Learn to Trade, Capital Index, FX Capital and SmartCharts software. He also established the Greg Secker Foundation, a nonprofit organization in 2010. Apart from heading various companies and writing books, he has also established an educational institution that gives valuable insights on the tips and tricks of trading.

Mr. Greg Secker, who is a financial guru to the world was initially a different person who was interested in the field of Agriculture and food sciences. During his academic life, he showed a lot of interest working with computers. He learned how to code and started building software. With the passage of time, using his financial and technical expertise, he created a trading software. This software help traders to learn stock trading easily. Working alone initially and making his name in the field of trade, he got in touch with many traders all around the world, offering them his software to make them capable of doing an effective job.

Having an experience of more than three decades, Greg decided to benefit others with his vast experience and knowledge. He has planned of imparting his knowledge to traders in the form of his software named as Learn to Trade, after his retirement. This software aims to help traders grow their businesses and make more money. The learning programs of this software are a huge success. People from all over the world are benefitting from it. Hence, Mr. Greg Secker has succeeded in utilizing his knowledge and experience in a purposeful way.