Swiss Startup Company Mentoring Upcoming Entrepreneur with Mike Baur

Mike Baur always ensures that he provides unique services to his clients hence enabling him to be well-known businessman and investor. His commitment in working enabled him to serve and have more experience of over than 20 years. During his time at Rochester University in New York, he was able to get MBA and as also MBA from the University of Berne. Through his expertise, he began at IBS as an intern which he, later on, landed a profession as a board member at a private bank which is situated in Swiss. Through his skills and proficiency, he is able to begin and improve business hence enabling many organization and entrepreneurs to always look for him for more of his services. Swiss Startup Factory was established with him and Meister and Oliver Walzer and he also is the Executive Chairman of the cooperation.


Mostly the individuals who he advises are the potential upcoming capitalist hence enabling them to be more successful. In Switzerland, he is able to motivate them through giving them small capital whereby they are able to start their own businesses and also giving them values which they should abide through which will enable them to be successful. He as well teaches entrepreneurs on how to be good administrator which will enable them to handle their business better and run smoothly. He also explores in a different part of the world which enables him to meet different entrepreneurs and share ideas which improve their knowledge. Mike Baur also made sure that he links Fintech Fusion and CTI with Swiss Startup Factory in order to create more advanced technology that will enable them to be more efficient in serving their clients. Through his better relationship with other organization and entrepreneurs, he acts as the head of the fundraising and economic sector of the organization.


Swiss Startup Factory as one of the thriving company in the private sector was launched in the year 2014. The organization always looks for entrepreneurs who are willing to be more prosperous and make them attain their goals. Through the three-month course that they offer they are able to teach entrepreneurs on how to start and handle the problem when they occur in their businesses and those who successfully complete the course are given small capital that will help establish their businesses. Furthermore, the organization ensures they always employ skilled professionals who are able to provide new techniques that will make the organization develop.