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Vanilla Bean is the Top EOS Flavor

Evolution of Smooth lip balm flavors keep this product selling quickly. Women who want soft lips get an added bonus when they apply this lip balm. There are eight flavors to choose from, each organic and natural and ready to keep your lips moisturized and at their best. But, which of the lip balm flavors is worthy of your attention? They’re all great, and you should give them all a try one time. Hop over to for more EOS.



Vanilla Bean is the best flavor. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Everyone has a favorite, but the Vanilla Bean is my top choice. The other EOS lip balm flavors are amazing, but this one just has a little something more that I like. Vanilla Bean is a name that alone proves it is high-quality, and with one application on the lips, you’ll discover firsthand that it is true. Have fun checking more of EOS lip balm.



The EOS lip balm Vanilla Bean is rich in flavor, but it isn’t too overpowering like some lip balms. When you apply the balm, it is very hard not to lick, because it tastes like a nice bowl of the best vanilla bean ice cream. Any vanilla ice cream fan knows just how delicious this is, so you can imagine why the Vanilla Bean from EOS is so delightful.



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The High Level Of Professionalism That Characterizes Karl Heideck’s Successful Law Practice

Karl Heideck, attorney based in Philadelphia

Karl Heideck, attorney based in Philadelphia

Nearly every second that ticks find one or more parties embroiled in a dispute that needs arbitration. To get a settlement such people or organizations head to court for a trial process so that a jury and judge can make a fair decision on the matter. The process of mediation through this procedure is known as litigation. A litigator is a trial lawyer who specializes in various forms of civil litigation. As a law professional, a person like Karl Heideck represents clients in proceedings that cover a broad spectrum of issues, including mediation or arbitration before court personnel or administrative agencies, as well as depositions and pretrial hearings.

To a layperson, court procedures can be quite intimidating, and that is why skilled litigators versed in various legal aspects , such as Karl Heideck, are much sought after. Settlement of disputes before a court can either be by negotiation or when one of the aggrieved parties discontinues the action. Although the terminologies or the pre-trial steps might be different from region to region, the general procedures and concepts of litigation are the same.

Typically, trial lawyers must be degree holders specifically in the law, but their knowledge must include many other academic disciplines such as History, Philosophy, Religion, and Economics.

In general, the process of litigation involves the issuance of writs of summons and statement of claim, court appearances, and statement of defense, summary judgment application, decision, and appeal. At every level, there are legal costs that both accuser and defendant must meet. High level of professionalism is a prerequisite to successful litigation. And this is where Karl Heideck comes in. He is a skilled attorney based in Philadelphia specializing in compliance practice and risk management, and he also has talents in many areas such as product liability, legal research and writing, commercial litigation, and corporate law. A respected lawyer, Karl Heideck has practiced law for over ten years.

His impressive educational qualifications from Swarthmore College, where he studied English and Literature, and Tempe University Beasley School of Law from where he achieved honors, are an excellent complement to his successful practice.


Bruce Levenson Looks For Future Success For Student Philanthrolpists

The communications expert Bruce Levenson should be heading into a quieter period of his life, but his career as a philanthropist is now becoming the main focal point in his life as he seeks to develop a career that will be of great benefit to the people of the world. One of the most important aspects of the work of Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has been the establishment of the “Do Good Initiative” at the University of Maryland; Bruce and Karen Levenson played a major role in providing the initial funding for the $75 million educational program that is the first of its kind.

In a report by Benzinga, individual classes and a major are now available at the University of Maryland through the not for profit based learning of the “Do Good Initiative”, but the focus is also on bringing as many students into the world of philanthropy as possible. Across the campus at the University of Maryland Bruce Levenson is funding programs that allow each and every member of the college to get the most from their time at college in terms of learning about the opportunities available through philanthropic giving.

Brcue Levenson is best knwon for his time as the President of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise,, but he is also a popular figure within the real time communications industry where he has built a personal fortune based on the work of the UCG company he co-founded with business partner Ed Peskowitz. As the leader of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, Levenson developed a number of philanthropic programs, including his roles with the Hoop Dreams and Make A Wish Foundations. As a leading member of the Jewish community, Bruce Levenson has also made a number of programs a part of his life, including the foundation of the U.S. Holocaust Museum and the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute.

Inspiring Details Regarding Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an amazing entrepreneurial figure who started refining his talent even before enrolling in college. I am delighted to understand that he has experience of over three decades, where he has been impacting the business world. Throughout his journey, Marc has had challenges, as we all know it could not have been entirely seamless. However, such are the past scars that keep him humble despite the high accolades and successes he has earned so far. Most people refer to him as the “entrepreneur of entrepreneurs.” Marc is a believer in God, and he confesses that he has no academic qualification matching his great success, rather it is all by the grace of God.



Marc Renovates Office for Augmentation of Innovative Collaboration



Marc Sparks moved an office that had been planted in its location for over ten years. His main aim was to make it easy for collaboration to pioneer new startups. Most of us know him as the founder of private equity firm, which boosts individual business people in growing their businesses into income-generating ventures. As Marc explains, attaining success in business calls for planning. You must design a concept that perfectly suits your needs, as well as work towards acquiring the necessary resources.



Marc as a Philanthropist and Transforming Author



Marc, who is the founder and CEO of Timber Creek, LP, serves great benevolent deals. He involves himself with Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit foundation that endeavors in constructing relatively cheap houses for the less fortunate. As well, he bankrolls an organization that supplies at-risk children with laptops. In Texas, Sparks funds “The Samaritan Inn,” a foundation that hosts 160 people in need of shelter every night. Having accumulated so much knowledge, Marc is an author who passes to us some of the tips that guide his relevance and consistent growth. In his publication, “They Can’t Eat You,” he gives an account of his journey in entrepreneurship, believing that it will inspire someone and guide them in their daily pursuits.



Fundamental Truths About Timber Creek LP



Timber Creek LP is a privately founded enterprise that specializes in transforming the visions and dreams of future entrepreneurs into the highly-coveted products. The firm has significantly impacted Texas by providing such people with capital, work space, web development services, banking, legal, marketing, networking, as well as all the other necessary things they require to grow their ideas into tangible fruits. This is in addition to his experience, which he offers them to learn from him.






I always marvel at Marc’s kindness despite the incredible milestones he has made. For him, there is no room for pride and self-sufficiency. He is always out helping other people achieve success and grow to the heights they have always desired.

The Life of a Lead Recruiter: Julie Zuckerberg

If you are looking for a job in the financial industry, it is imperative to try your luck by contacting a lead recruiter who will land you a job. Julie Zuckerberg is one of those recruiters. Julie is a leading recruiter and a vice president at Deutsche Bank New York City. Julie is a talented recruiter with skills such as talent acquisition, executive search, talent management, corporate recruiting, team leadership, behavioral interviewing, employee training and hiring. Apart from these skills, she is also an expert in human resource, management, coaching, technical recruiting, conflict resolution, change management, applicant management, succession management, and executive staffing. Her daily activities at Deutsche Bank include supporting various Deutsche Bank businesses such as Private Wealth and Commercial Clients, Global Technology and Operations and Asset Management. Julie Zuckerberg has a very deep education background. Julie attended the City University of New York, Brooklyn College, where she studied philosophy. She later attended the New York Law School, where she studied law.

Julie’s Career History

Before working at Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg has worked in many other firms as a lead recruiter. After finishing her studies, Julie started her career as a Hiring Officer at Hudson. She started her career in 2002 and worked for five years. During the five years in the company, Julie handled activities such as recruiting case managers, attorneys, paralegals, support staff, and other employees. With her background in law, Julie helped Hudson Global Resources America Inc. in solving workplace-related claims avoiding any litigation. In October 2007, Julie left Hudson and joined Citi Global Consumer Bank as an executive recruiter. At the Citi Global Consumer Bank, she provided quality recruiting services for managing director and director roles for CitiCards Consumer Marketing and Citi Global. During her time at the Citi Global Consumer Bank, Julie introduced new and creative recruitment techniques such as social media, direct sourcing, and employment referrals. These new directions helped in employing highly-skilled employees. In November 2013, Julie left Citi Global and joined New York Life Insurance Company as an executive recruiter for four months. At New York Life Insurance Company, she recruited employees at all company levels. She also worked with senior management in solving planning problems. Julie later joined Deutsche Bank, where she is currently working as the lead recruiter and a vice president. Julie believes that she must get the right people for a job so that to enhance the success of the company. Apart from recruitment skills, Julie has developed other skills such as executive search, leadership, talent management, interviewing skills, conflict resolution, strategy, and behavioral interviewing.

Julie’s Hobbies and Interests

Julie Zuckerberg is not an all working woman; she is also talented in other fields apart from recruiting. Julie is interested in her love for food, art, pets, economic issues, human rights, civil rights, science, and technology. Her hobbies include photography and running. Julie is very active in social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Julie lives in Manhattan, New York. Julie Zuckerberg is a well-rounded lady who has exceptional skills in everything she does.