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Sujit Choudhry’s Contributions in the Development of Comparative Law

Governance is a wide field that demands the application of modern ways of dealing with issues. Structures are established in all governments to ensure that conflicts do not arise. All actions undertaken by a government are supposed to be as per the law requires in the country’s constitution. However, some of the legislations in a constitution are not well developed to guarantee ideal ways to handle problems. In fact, most laws require being amended for them to be in line with what the society demands.


Coming up with new laws is a timely process that also requires a lot of resources. Given the process that is established for developing laws, some laws may take over a decade before they are included in a constitution. Supposing other methods get applied, such as using ideas of other regions where related laws were made, then less time would be used in executing the development of new legislations. Those wishing to hasten the process and still get great results apply the comparative law. This law provides room for making comparisons and the study of different laws implemented in the various regions throughout the world.


Studying about the laws used from one region to another provides room for learning. Also, consulting with different professionals makes it easy to gain ideas on ideal ways to come up with laws that are capable of resolving conflicts and offering better governance.


About Sujit Choudhry


According to, Comparative constitutional law expert who is recognized internationally. He combines a diverse research agenda, and he has a far-reaching experience as an advisor to the constitution building processes that include Jordan, Egypt, Libya, South Africa, Ukraine, Nepal, Tunisia and Sri Lanka. Sujit Choudhry’s research addresses various issues in comparative constitutional law such as official language policy, group rights and minority, constitutional courts, federalism, and transition from violent conflicts to democratic politics. Professor Choudhry is a great writer, and he has published almost a hundred articles, working papers, book chapters, and reports. Sujit is a member of the International Society of Public Law, Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, International Journal of Constitutional Law, and the Constitutional Court Review.


Before being part of Berkeley Law, Sujit Choudhry used to be a Law Faculty chairperson at the University of Toronto and Law Professor at NYU School of Law. In 2010, Choudhry was among the four Canadian who received the Trudeau Fellowship, which is a Canadian Honor equivalent to McArthur Awards. He is a holder of Law Degrees from Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford. See related post on


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Bruce Levensen – The Man Legend

Impresario Antony Ressler worked himself into a deal where he would purchase Bruce Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks under contract for about $850 million dollars, reports It was an all – cash offer, but it had to be financed by an additional lender of sorts in order to make the deal go through quicker.

Antony Ressler was key on the purchase following the Hawks yearlong losing streak. It came significantly after Steve Ballmer’s idea to buy Clippers. Despite all of the changes they have agreed to allow the Hawks Illustrious Chief Executive Officer which is Steve Koon into stay on with the team. And alongside that announcement, Mike Budenholzer, the coach, agreed to do the same thing for the better of the team. They are being considered as a key component of the overall goals of the new proprietorship group.

It came as no surprise that the joint deal is anticipated to be negotiating the full use of the Philips Arena in which they play, but further discussion is still ongoing. Antony Ressler was an owner for the isolated equity and venture firm that us known as Ares. He also served as a true real estate originator which tended to be one third of the overall contestants in the Los Angeles Clippers acquisition that happened within the last spring.

It was the assembly’s bid for $1.2 billion that came so very close to the upward of $2 billion acquisition price that was initially acquiesced by Steve Ballmer. It was estimated that Antony Ressler was well worth almost one and a half $1.4 billion. As a key part of the investment group which was head up by Mark Attanasio who were successful about gaining the trust of the Milwaukee Brewers back in early 2005.

Consequently, the Hawks was claimed to be worth about $425 million not so long ago; however, the auction for the Clippers changed the market and then led to the Bucks. It was inherently by the addition of multiple NBA television deal that the ultimate value of the team blew up the market.

It has been said that the Hawks were on the market back in early January which followed the press release that happened in September about some concerns about loyal attendance to games by their fans and with Bruce Levenson taking leave, it meant that the door flew wide open for a new deal.


Jason Hope: A Scottsdale Entrepreneur With A Bright Future

There are plenty of entrepreneurs that have a bright future. However, some of them have futures so bright that they could possibly brighten the future of the entire human race. This entrepreneur is Jason Hope.

Jason resides in Scottsdale and is very passionate about technology, healthcare and the future of the human race. Among the topics he loves to talk about is the Internet of Things. This gives every single item one can think about a connection. Also, he is very interested in the possibilities that the future holds for technology. He is willing to provide his insights and bring influence to developers as they think about ways to improve technology.

When Jason Hope thinks about technological improvements, one of the things he is thinking about is what the forms of technology could do for the human race as a whole. Therefore, he is not impressed with all new developments in technology. For one thing, there can be some new developments that are just cosmetically appealing, but have nothing new to offer people. The most important technological advancement to him comes in health care. One of the reasons that he is very interested in the medical industry is because Jason Hope is a philanthropist.

Given that he is a philanthropist, he is involved in many different charities of his community. He is very involved in helping people improve their quality of life. Among the ways that he is making this happen is by encouraging people to look for ways to be proactive in their health. This is especially true when it comes to age related diseases. When people age, they often deal with different conditions that range from mildly uncomfortable to excruciatingly painful. Jason Hope wants to help people live longer and more comfortable lives. Reducing the risk of painful conditions is one way to achieve this.

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Securus Technologies’ Plans to proof technology Superiority

Securus Technologies is a firm that is devoted to offering outstanding technology to correctional institutions. The company recently revealed that it would like to have a technology challenge with GTL, which is its main rival in the industry. It suggested that there will be an independent technology judge who will determine the company with the leading customer service, an expense efficient products and services, and state-of-the-art telephone calling platform. According to the Securus Technologies’ CEO, Richard A. Smith, GTL is mistaken by thinking that it can compare its services to those of Securus. He believes that the technology that his company offers is unparalleled since it has invested more than $700 million in the past four years.


Securus understands the technology platforms that are currently used by GTL since it once owned older platforms, but it has now developed better services. The company gave several features that it currently has and cannot be matched by GTL. This includes technology platforms, skilled personnel, cost effectiveness, products, and patent portfolios. Mr. Smith said that many clients have defected from GTL to Securus Technology due to the outstanding solutions that the organization provides.


According to Mr. Smith, his company has been losing $1 to GTL while taking $4 from them in the past five years. This clearly indicates that the clients’ preference ratio between Securus Technologies and GTL is 3:1. According to him, GTL should take part in a technology contest if it would like to proof to the customers that it has the best services. He, however, believes that its rival cannot match its solutions, and it should decline politely. Aspects that should be independently compared are IT potential, IT resources, calling platforms, scalability, product capability, technology, and the investments that have been made. Anyone who is keen can notice the superiority of Securus Technologies in all these factors.

Duda Melzer Looks To Modernize The Brazilian Media Industry

The huge Brazilian media conglomerate, the RBS Group has always been an important part of the news gathering industry in South American and is now looking to newly appointed leader Duda Melzer to transform the company for the 21st century. The idea behind installing the man christened Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, but better known as Duda Melzer, has been to provide a fresh face to enter the company and provide a fresh look at the way this historic company can move forward for the future.

Despite the fact he has developed a career that includes taking a number of risks based around the need to develop new areas of expertise for the RBS Group in a media industry that is changing and evolving in the 21st century the CEO of the company still looks back to the tradition of the Sirotsky family controlling RBS since its inception. Duda Melzer is a former student of the well known U.S. educational institution, Harvard University; Melzer has formed and maintained a close working relationship with Harvard professor John Davis; Davis is a well known figure in the family business industry for his knowledge and theories of how to grow success without losing the family business identity a company was formed under.

Duda Melzer is a business leader who is always looking to develop his own abilities and improve the company formed by his grandfather in the 1950s; for the RBS Group this has meant a period of change that has seen a major shift to providing news via Web based applications over the traditional use of newspapers, radio, and TV. Although Duda Melzer is always looking to find new technologies to develop the RBS Group brand he also understands the need for journalistic integrity to remain in place as the cornerstone of the work completed by Brazil’s RBS Group.

EOS Lip Balms — Scents Good Enough To Eat

EOS lip balm makes those adorable little sphere-shaped pods; the ones that makes you just want to toss a bunch in your purse. They come in so many colors and flavors and make it so tempting to try them all. Aside from being cute, they’re the healthy and responsible choice for moisturizing your lips. Not only are they free of parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, and gluten, but are 100% natural. Some are even 95% organic.

One popular flavor is “summer fruit”. It’s a fruity scent thats bold, tart, and quenching that is, like the name implies, perfect for a hot summer day. This one is great for anyone fond of fruity, mouth-watering scents. It’s difficult to place exactly which fruit this balm smells like, but I’d say it’s passion fruit with a hint of peach.

Another delicious way to keep your lips soft is the “coconut milk” scented balm. This is a more mellow scent that’s still very rich. While it has a distinct coconut aspect, you won’t smell like you’re going to the beach with that typical coconut and banana sunblock smell. This one is perfect for year round protection and delivers an extra punch of lip softening; it’s part of their “visibly soft” line.

It has been said that the act of applying lip balm can be addictive. EOS takes it to a whole new level. The dome shape balm feels incredible to apply, and the delicious scents only intensify it. No mater what flavor you choose, you can’t go wrong. Visit for more information. Learn more about the history of EOS, read the feature by Fast Company.

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