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The Rise Capital Group’s New Chairman

Timothy Armour is the current chairman of the Capital Group Companies. Armour has a BA in Economics. The Capital group’s board of directors elected Timothy Armour as the Chairman of Capital Group. Until his election that was announced the company’s Board on July 28, 2015. Together with top management, Tim Armour was given the responsibility for implementing the company’s overall business strategies as well as supervise operations.

Armour is the successor of Jim Rothenberg who passes earlier on, the company’s Board followed the succession plan that had been in motion for many years. According to the succession plan, it states that the strength of Capital Group is based not on a single person but a combination of talents of all their associates who believes in the mission to give superior, long-term investments outcomes to their investors. This enabled Timothy Armour to rise at the helm of Capital Group.

As a chairman of Capital Group, Timothy Armour led one of the longest funds manager into partnership with Korea’s Samsung Asset Management. The two firms strategic partnership to work together toward building up active investment strategies for retail investors and institutions. Capital Group will assist it Korean partner understand active capital management and provide guidance on the business management and client management.

Timothy Armour chairman of a company that has an investment in Netflix, advice investors on the approach of finding active managers who can invest in companies with potential. He says that index fund makes no judgment or difference, this is because it simply acquires stocks that are currently on the peak. He gives an example market situation in 2000, buying Blockbuster stock, which at its peak had $5 billion capitalization or opt for Netflix stock which was a fledgling publicly traded company. The fact that Blockbuster is bankrupt today and Netflix is worth more than $45 billion proves that investors need fund manager who can discern market patterns.

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According to Armour, the best manager uses their quality time doing research on companies making in-depth analysis to inform their views and to gain insights on the company’s future predictions. He gives an example of the health-care demands from old baby boomers is linked with time for the revolutionary therapies. An active perspective includes meeting with management teams and doctors, competitors, academics, distributors and doing due diligence on the financial analysis in order to know the risks-benefits trade-offs. He states that doing better than the market during the rough times and look after the downside is an important part of the job.

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Brian Bonar; The Financial Genius.

It was not until 2010 that Brian Bonar got the world’s attention, and hence his rightful position in the financial world. Though he was known among other business executives, he was not as popular. In that year, Brian Bonar won the Executive of The Year in Finance Award. He had overcome his intellectual peers to deserve the coveted prize.

Brian Bonar graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a Bachelors degree in the engineering field. He then got a Master degree in the same university and later a Doctorate degree from Stafford University. Soon after entering the corporate world, his skills, commitment and work ethic enabled him to quickly climb ranks. Bonar has been in the financial sector for at least 30 years. He now specializes in conducting mergers and acquisitions between institutions where he acts as a consultant.

Bonar got his first senior position when he worked for IBM as the procurement manager.He soon moved to QMS where he was the director of engineering. It was while at QMS that Mr. Bonar began his first company, Beizer Systems.

Bonar also worked in Dalrada where he moved through the ranks until he became the president of the organization. Bonar has worked in other companies such as Trucept, where he was the CEO and Tradeshow Products Inc. where he was the president.

In all companies where Brian Bonar worked,he emphasized on achieving organization efficiency. He believed that efficiency cut down the operational costs of a business and hence increasing its revenue. He therefore introduced projects such as employee benefits and risk insurance to motivate the employees to work hard and be willing to assist in cost reduction.

Currently, Bonar is the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation. It deals in the design and development of color management systems and digital imaging hardware. Bonar recently acquired Source One Group. It is an employer organization that assists medium sized business by handling their outsourced payrolls.

With all the accomplishments that Brian Bonar has attained, it would only be fair that he is used as the standard of excellence and should be envied by other business executives around the globe.

Kate Hudson Tackles Amazon with Fabletics

Fabletics is a somewhat new membership program that people have started to use to receive new active wear each month. The membership program works similar to that of your magazine subscriptions. It will combine a monthly fee with active wear and when you are done, you will receive clothing in the mail each and every month. You will join for a membership fee of $25, this starts your membership off and each month following, the cost will go up depending on which level of membership you want.


Fabletics started out as a simple concept that Kate Hudson thought of after she finished working out in uncomfortable clothes. She knew that women were struggling with their own workout gear and decided to try and make something knew that women would not be as uncomfortable in. For this reason, she worked with designers and fashion experts to create a line of workout gear that women would love.


Once the workout gear was designed and tried them on, she instantly fell in love and learned that others would also love the workout clothes. She then decided to help others out by creating the idea of the monthly subscription plan. She wanted to make money as well and knew that if she created a monthly subscription plan like this, she could make money, advertise something that she loves and believes in all the while she is helping women out. This was a brilliant idea and she knew it.


Once the clothes were made, she then went on to try and sell them. She knew that she had to face Amazon head on. A large population of people all turn to Amazon to get their shopping needs met. If you are shopping online, you most likely are using Amazon to do it, right? Well she knew that in order to beat Amazon, she needed to offer something that Amazon didn’t. That is where the membership plan came in. She also went to advertising her specials on commercials. I am sure that you have seen her infomercials at some point in time.


Once you begin your monthly subscription plan and receive your workout gear, if you like what you get, you can either continue your membership or you may decide that it isn’t for you after all. If you do decide to continue on, each month you will receive a new outfit in the mail. If you like it, you keep it but if don’t, simply call them and have them issue you a credit to something else that you might like. Once you do this, you return the item or items you didn’t like and your next shipment will go on as planned. It really is all that simple. Kate Hudson knew it and she put it use.

George Soros Helping Others

There are a lot of people who want to do good in the world. George Soros has worked hard to take things to the next level in his life. With all of the wealth that he has, he can make a lot of positive changes in the world. Over the long term, he has impacted the lives of millions of people. With his great wealth, he has the resources to invest where others may not. Over time, he is someone who is going to do a lot of good in the world. One of his many areas of interests is in politics. He wants to get good people in political office, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals in that area. There are a lot of elections where George Soros has donated a lot of time and money to help one side win. In the last election, his side did not win but that has not stopped him from looking at other areas.

George Soros and His Wealth

When he was young, George Soros grew up without any money. It really is an amazing story of how he came to another country and went to school to start soaring in the social circles of the day. Before long, George Soros became one of the richest men in the world. There are a lot of people who look up to the success that he has had for a variety of reasons. Not only does he help take others to the next level constantly, but he is always willing to give his time and money to help others. There are a lot of people who look up to the heart that he has for people in need. Although no one agrees with all of his political views, there are many people who respect the tenacity with which he works.

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Helping Others

When it comes to donating money, George Soros is one of the best in the world. He has worked diligently to take things to the next level in his life. If you are someone who wants to positively impact others on a daily basis, he is the perfect person to work with. Not only does he have a plan in place to help others, but he is willing to give up his time and money to do so. In the coming years, there are a lot of people who are worried about where the economy is going to go. If you want to invest in the future, you need to do your research and listen to the experts. Part of that process is listening to the thoughts that George Soros has one the economy as a whole. More often that not, he can see things before other people can in the economy.

In the coming years, George Soros plans to continue to help others and give to causes that he believes in. This will help other people around the world and help him accomplish his dreams.

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FreedomPop Has Enough Great Wireless Plans To Please Many Customers

Although not everyone is a big fan of FreedomPop, learning more about their services via a FreedomPop review just might bring a lot more fandom to FreedomPop and their services. FreedomPop is a wireless carrier that has both Internet and cell phone services, even though their cell phone services are more widely known and used. Many may not even realize that FreedomPop has any Internet services at all, which is a shame because they have free services for those who want Internet, and even their low-cost Wi-Fi service for five dollars a month is a great deal too.


The Wi-Fi service was introduced a couple of years ago and has become a staple in the company, especially since it has such a low-cost and is available in millions of locations. Many who choose to connect to the Wi-Fi service will connect to it from their cell phone, which requires the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application to be downloaded. FreedomPop has now even added a Wi-Fi cell phone service, which means that anyone who doesn’t choose the free service plan or one of the paid plans can use the Wi-Fi service to make calls and more.


The only catch about using Wi-Fi service to make phone calls is that the cell phone must have Wi-Fi calling capabilities, which is pretty much all of the smartphones these days, but it is important to check out this information first. Anyone who is interested can still get the free cell phone plan from FreedomPop, even if they don’t have low income but simply want to save money when they get mobile services. The free plan will give the user 200 minutes of talk time, they’ll get unlimited text messages, and the data is limited to 500 MB per month.


Even though there is no cost for the free plan, there is a top up charge of $10 each month that can be turned off whenever it’s not needed, and the user can choose to use Wi-Fi services or can pay $0.02 cents per additional megabyte of data that they use. There are also two other paid plans from FreedomPop. It’s $10.99 for the plan that has unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of data, or the unlimited everything plan has no limit to the data usage and is $19.99. The only limit to the unlimited everything plan is the 4G LTE data, which is capped at 1 GB.


Things To Not Do For Attaining Healthy Hair

Can you imagine living your life without any hair? Most people, especially women, can’t seem to wrap their minds around that concept. Whatever color it may be whether it’s red, black, brown, or blonde, hair enhances our look as a people. Did you know that many of things people do a regular basis is actually detrimental to good hair health? Yes, the things you’ve been doing for maintaining your lustrous locks is damaging to them and here are a few of the most common mistakes:

  • Too Much Brushing/Combing
  • Using Harsh Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Overwashing
  • Coloring or Perming The Hair Too Often

These are some of the top reasons for destroying hair follicles. Yes, you must brush/comb your hair, but overdoing it will stress the scalp and follicles over time. Most modern shampoo and conditioners have sulfates in them which causes dryness, itch, breakage, and increases sebum production. Washing your hair three or more times per week is stripping the scalp of moisture and are upsetting the pH levels and chemical treatments slowly burns the hair out.

WEN by Chaz is a revolutionary haircare line that’s designed for all hair types. The brand uses a nutrient rich blended formula that nourishes the hair and scalp. Chamomile Extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Aloe Vera Leaf, Pomegranate Extract, Lavender, and more. This is pretty much mother nature’s gift to you if you want to treat your hair “the natural way.”

Developed and Founded by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, WEN Hair by Chaz is a reflection of healthy living and healthy lifestyles. With many years in the game and a resume of excellence, Chaz Dean has the knowledge, expertise, and experience for producing the very best product. Join the (WEN) revolution for healthier hair or keep taking chances with your current routine.


Great Options with Gooee LED Lighting

Saving money on your electric bill can be a lot more beneficial than you think. A lot of people are beginning to realize that it is just too costly for them to use the regular electric that is found within their home. This is why it is very important for you to switch to Gooee LED lighting and to see if it can benefit you as it has for a lot of other individuals in the same situation that you are currently in. This is a great option for so many people and can be exactly what you need to finally take control over the electric bills that have become such a burden in your everyday life.


One of the most important things that you need to know about LED lighting is how it works and the fact that it can help to be more energy efficient than any other type of light bulb that you are currently using in the house. Many of your light bulbs right now use as much electricity as they possibly can in order to power the fixture that they happen to be in. Because of this problem, a lot of people are finding that their electric bills are simply too costly and are becoming a burden in their everyday life. This is why it is important for you to switch to Gooee LED lighting and to see if it can work for you because of the fact that it helps to control the lighting costs and allow you to have a more energy efficient home every single day when lights are currently being used.

The Career of Avi Weinfogel as a Dentist and his Philanthropy.

Avi Weinsfogel is a New Jersey-based dental surgeon who is recognized for the outstanding services that he offers through his clinic, Old Bridge Dental Care. The facility was established in 1999, and since then Dr. Avi Weinfogel has won the New Jersey’s best dentist designation many times. He is highly interested in studying sleep disorders and is the founder of the Dental Sleep Disorders, which was established in 2014 to assist medical professionals in understanding how sleep diseases can be treated by administering oral medication. The primary condition that Avi has specialized in treating is sleep apnea. In 2010 the doctor established another sleep disorders research center, which is known as Healthy Heart Sleep. It has currently set up research facilities across the globe. He is also the proprietor and owner of the Unlimited Sleep Patient.


Dr. Weinsfogel has also gained recognition because of his active involvement in philanthropic activities. He has been assisting Operation Smile by raising money through his GoFundMe account. The foundation is dedicated to providing proper medical services to disabled children, and Avi offered $2000 to support its undertakings. As a caring father, he understands that all children across the world should receive appropriate medical care. Operation Smile started in 1982, and its proprietors were Dr. William and Kathleen, who is his wife. The main aim of establishing it was to assist the needy children and young adults in Philippine by giving them decent heath care. It is now active in approximately 80 nations where it helps in offering surgery to children who have oral problems such as palates and clefts. The charity has currently operated on more than 200,000 patients.


Avi is a very social person who loves interacting and sharing with different people. He has social accounts such as Twitter and Facebook where he posts information about himself. The doctor also loves music and most of his free time is spent in the studio. He loves Hip-Hop, and according to him, it is his favorite genre because it inspires him. Avi Weinsfogel’s music is available to the public for streaming and downloading from Soundcloud.