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Talk Fusion: Revolutionizing A Video Conference Experience Near You

You may not believe it right away, but Talk Fusion really is revolutionizing the way in which we all communicate. It sounds like a cliche to say that about a video conferencing company, but in this case it is so accurate. The other video companies should be afraid about the market share that they are about to lose to this company.

Talk Fusion provides a great way for companies to stay in touch with all of their employees no matter where on Earth those employees are. This is because the video service is available anywhere that there is an Internet connection. Better yet, one does not even have to use a laptop or desktop computer to upload videos. It is entirely possible to do this via a smartphone or tablet device as well.

The people who have created this great invention understand that there are still some out there who are skeptical about video usage in business, or perhaps some who are just afraid to use it. It is okay to have that kind of feeling about video at first, but with just a little time, your attitude will likely change on this one. Talk Fusion provides such a stellar service that it is difficult to deny the power that it has behind it after just a little use.

The thing that many business owners are reviewing with this service is the simple fact that it offers some of the cheapest service in the industry. It costs less per use than its rivals, and that is important to a lot of business owners for very obvious reasons. Why pay more than you have to for something that you can get at a better price? If you have been wondering the same thing, you are not alone.

Talk Fusion is attempting to bring people together and to showcase the power of video communications in a modern world full of technology. There are so many things in competition for your attention in this world that it is important to step back and remember to seek value in it all. Talk Fusion provides that value.

The founder and CEO of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. Check out Reina on LinkedIn!

Philanthropist Sanjay Shah Adds Board Members To Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks, an invitation-only rock concert, was founded by Sanjay Shah in 2014 in order to increase the public’s awareness of autism and to raise money for research. His son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Autism is a neurological disease. It is a developmental disability that affects social development skills with other people and hinders the ability to communicate. One in 68 children is affected and the incidences of autism have increased 30 percent since 2012.

According to Register.FCA, Sanjay Shah CEO of Solo Capital has just added two new members to the Board of Trustees for Autism Rocks, Pete and Will Best. Pete Best is known as the guy that got fired from the Beatles in 1962. He was replaced by drummer Ringo Starr. There was a huge legal battle over this, and when it was over, Pete became an actor and writer. In 2012, Will Best became a presenter at T4, which is channel 4 at Britain’s Creative Greenhouse, a popular non-profit TV station funded by advertising. Shah has known both of the Bests since their university days and expects that they will bring a great deal to Autism Rocks. They will be involved with the managerial process, the funding, and most certainly, the concerts.

Before his career as a philanthropist, Shah was an accountant although he had studied medicine in school. This led to him starting his own brokerage business, Solo Capital. About five years ago, Solo Capital was doing so well that Shah could step back from the business and pursue other interests. He devoted himself to promoting a rock concert in Dubai, called Done Events. Although Shah’s interest in Solo Capital venture was commercial, he has strong hopes that it will be an annual event in Dubai.

Once Shah found out his son had autism, he decided to do something about it. He was interested in informing the public about this fairly unknown disease and he saw a great need for research on autism, so he launched Autism Rocks. He wanted to not just donate money for this cause, he wanted to know what caused it and why. One of the early discoveries about autism was a treatment plan that helps sufferers of this disease. Treatment must be started early and it is expensive and long-term, so Shah’s son was included in the program right away. His concern is for other children who can’t afford the treatment and need some help

Fabletics Officials Planning to Open New Stores


Fabletics, one of the nation’s most respected e-commerce clothing retailers, is planning to respond to increased customer demand by opening between seventy-five and a hundred new stores in the next three to five years according to an article in Racked. The hugely popular line has been appreciated by customers who love the comfortable clothing that allows for relaxed movement. Company officials are pleased to offer customers many kinds of choices to buy clothing that is stylish yet affordable. Many customers have been pleased to find that they are able to purchase the company’s products via both an in-line store and a subscription process that lets them buy clothing each month.

A Fashion Laboratory

The new stores according to The Clothes Maiden are being opened aim to give each buyer the chance to shop in a brightly lit space that lets them try on new clothing and then decide if the company’s overall design philosophy is right for them. The founders hope that each store will serve as a sort of fashion laboratory to help them reach out to customers and find out what is right for them. Each store will offer merchandise that is made from fabric designed to breath and allow the wearer to be comfortable but fashionable at the same time. The new stores being planned are part of an overall marketing strategy that is aimed at helping the brand build up a base of satisfied customers who it is hoped will return again and again as loyal customers both online and in-person.

The Company

Co-founded by widely respected actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics offers clothing that is designed for the active person who needs high quality sportswear in her life. The company was created in 2013 by several people including Ms. Hudson. Since that time, it has grown massively as consumers have flocked here in search of clothing that is allows them to work out in style. Each piece offers is designed to allow the wearer to look good while exercising hard. The entire line has been carefully created with the needs of those who love to work out but still want to have clothing that will provide support, comfort and style. Company officials have worked hard to provide pieces that are innovative, elegant and also very affordable. The net result has been a highly popular line of products that are expected to continue to attract buyers in search of great work out clothing.

Lime Crime: A Higher Caliber of Lip Care

When it’s time for you to invest in make-up products, it’s important to consider Lime Crime. You can learn more about the value of shopping at this dynamic online store by reviewing the following information:

Lime Crime: An Introduction

Lime Crime is a make-up company founded by cosmetics expert Doe Deere. Deere believes that every individual should be enriched with the power that comes from the development of a distinct aesthetic that optimizes their appearance while simultaneously promoting individuality rather than social conformance. indicates that the Lime Crime line is filled with bright lipsticks and dynamic eye shadows that will empower the customer to realize her or his own aesthetic vision.

In addition to offering clients a dynamic, multi-faceted set of make-up options, it’s important to know that Lime Crime is a cruelty-free company. Deere recognizes the importance of acknowledging and respecting animal rights, and that’s why none of her products are tested on living creatures.

More About Lime Crime’s CEO

Individuals interested in learning more about Lime Crime’s CEO should know that she’s been enthralled with the cosmetic world since she was a child. Since childhood, Deere has experimented with different make-up patterns and clothing items to ensure that she could develop a look that stood out and distinguished her from others. Deere’s commitment to using make-up as a means through which to create a distinct identity is what makes her company stand out as a highly individualistic, non-conformist brand. Because of her entrepreneurial astuteness and commitment to good business principles, Deere was listed as a top female entrepreneur in Self-Made magazine.  Follow Lime Crime on Facebook for more on their lines, otherwise there’s Pinterest for good makeup tips.

Doe Deere Tells Women To Forget Their Age, Their Hair Color And The Patriarchy

Doe Deere started Lime Crime because she was tired of missing out on her favorite makeup colors, but she has gone way beyond what she started out to do. Her products are worn by women all over the world, but she is turning into a fashion adviser who tells women what they can wear and when they can wear it. Doe has a pretty interesting way of looking at fashion industry, and she is helping women topple the patriarchy with her new fashion rules.

Doe’s fashion rules are not really rules at all. She prefers women wear whatever they feel like wearing, but she has to come up with anti-rules that help women get over the old rules they were taught as girls. Doe sort of looks at fashion rules as a way of forcing girls to conform to the things that men want to see, and she hates the idea of girls dressing to please men.

Dressing one’s own age is a big deal in the world because women get told to dress their age all the time. There are teenagers who love power suits, and there are 60-year old women with greet legs who love mini skirts. Doe wants women to dress the age they feel, and it will always make them look hotter. Doe does the same thing, and some of the pictures from the article prove that her anti-rules work.

There are a lot of women who love to wear all their favorite bright colors all at the same time, and Doe knows that women get told to not do that. Girls can wear as many bright colors as they want at the same time, and it makes sense for them to combine them any way they want. There are a lot of girls who love black and neutral colors, too. Those girls can wear whatever they want, but they should not feel like they are being forced by society to wear something they do not like.

Girls who dye their hair should not feel like they can only wear black. The whole culture is telling girls with bright hair to only wear neutral colors, and Doe hates that idea. She would much rather see girls wear any colors they want, and she is photographed for the article showing her with blue hair. She looks great in the pictures, and she is breaking all the old fashion rules while wearing her hair in bright blue.

The last big rule that Doe does not like is the idea that women cannot wear whatever makeup they want. Doe makes bright colors for Lime Crime, and she thinks that women can wear bright lips and eyes at the same time. She thinks women can wear a bright blush on top of that, and she knows that all her colors work really well together. The lesson to take from Doe Deere is that the old fashion rules no longer have an bearing in reality. She looks great in a short skirt, peep toe shoes, blue hair and bright makeup.

Check out Doe Deere’s Pinterest

A breakdown of Wen by Chaz Dean


An article originally in, the author takes a product review of a hair care product called Wen by Chaz, and tests it out to see if the reviews are true. Wen by Chaz Dean is a cleansing conditioner line that is created to promote healthy, good-looking hair to its users. WEN is a unique five-in-one formula that combines a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler, and leave-in conditioner, all in one convenient bottle and this product can be found at a local Sephora store. A hair miracle in a bottle, the internet is blowing up with reviews and raves about this hair product.

For $32.00, this product available on ebay promises gorgeous locks of hair in a simple one step solution. The author of the article takes the product, and over the span of a week takes photos and writes up her review of how well Wen stood up against its competition. At the end of her week-long excursion into using a new product, the author concluded that this would a fantastic product for those who had a regular shower and styling routine. It makes one’s hair brighter, healthier looking, and the effects last all day long. The author concludes that if you want to be able to spoil yourself while also being healthy, that this product will go a long way to making one feel shinier, healthier, and voluminous.

Desire And Drive Equal Success For Dr. Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is more than just a native of the Lone Star State of Texas. Dr. Jennifer is a plastic surgeon that was named by Harpers Bazaar’s magazine on their “Hot List of the Best Beauty Surgeons” in 2014.

Dr. Jennifer Walden thrived in New York, and honed her skills at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat in plastic surgery. During her fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery she became the Program Director to add to her list of accomplishments.
She started a family and moved her twin boys back to her hometown of Austin and began to start a next adventure.

Westlake Medical Center is the new home of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center that opened in May 2012. She performs surgery in her AAAASF accredited operating facility. Her facility offers cosmetic injections, breast reduction and enhancement, an advanced laser specialist on staff in the laser center and labiaplasty and many other treatments.
She assembled an incredible health care team with impressive aestheticians where the first priority is the patient’s care and safety.
This amazing surgeon has been granted doctors’ privileges at several hospitals in addition to Westlake Memorial and added a satellite surgery clinic in Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Marble Falls.

Dr. Jennifer Walden had been named as a “Super Doctor” in 2015 for her cutting edge techniques in plastic surgery and continues to “think outside the proverbial box.” She h

as proven through countless successful surgeries that you can look your best and feel good and that lifts the confidence and self esteem. She has repaired facial deformities from car accidents or natural occurrences.

Dr. Jennifer adds to her busy schedule by holding a seat on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Vice Commissioner of Communications and is the spokesperson for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is a member of the organization.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a star among the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery industry. Her passion for learning and love for the people who have come to her for treatment is what equals her success.

Best Decisions in Investment: Borrowing from George Soros

The Soros Fund Management has been hailed as one of the best in terms of financial investments. In the final quarter, they set up all their shares in Chevron, NRG Energy and Chesapeake Energy. Most people start by investing small money. However, George Soros, being a billionaire, started by investing a billion shillings.
This year, the energy prices have been hugely unpredictable. It therefore takes a keen investor to wade through the investment scene in order to survive the volatility. However, after the surprising turn of events where Saudi Arabia and Russia mutually agreed to freeze the oil production so as to stabilize the prices, the profits have shot up. The decision by Iran to oppose the idea, however, saw the prices take a tumble. The actions of Iran have been interpreted to be a revenge for the sanctions that have been leveled against the country over the last few months. As a result, investors have been faced with the challenge of deciding where the profits will be made. At the end of Friday the prices were as low as $29.64 for every barrel. This represents a 73% decline as compared to summer prices when a barrel traded for $110.

What the low oil prices mean is that consumers have a higher amount of disposable income in their pockets. It is worth noting that while this is a good thing for the consumers, the United States relies on oil for most of its activities. Further, almost five percent of employment is directly linked to the oil sector. This highlights the significance of the industry. According to data from Goldman Sachs, the energy industry accounts for approximately a third of capital expenditures borne by S&P 500. This information is available on The Street . Most of the energy companies will be the focus this week when the earnings will be made available for scrutiny. Chesapeake has been forced to deny reports of being bankrupt in the past few weeks and special attention will be placed here.

George Soros is an investor with massive experience and has had the chance to mentor different entrepreneurs both locally and internationally. With a strong academic background, George has been identified as one of the individuals to have had the most impact in the financial investments industry. This is not shocking given the wealth of experience and expertise he brings to the table. It is evident that his experience coupled with sane investment opportunities will ensure he keeps bringing to his companies over the next few years. It will also be interesting to monitor the energy sector and hoe the key players behave over the next couple of weeks in light of the price situation.