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The Importance of Healthy Dog Food

Although fresh food is not a new phenomena, fresh dog food is currently a new niche that is making headlines. The dog food is an industry that is worth 23.7 billion dollars and continues to grow everyday as more and more dog owners purchase dog food. As dog food sales increase, new companies are creating new niches that will ensure long-lasting success. One company in particular is a company that is owned by Richard Thompson. Mr. Thompson is the proud owner of Freshpet production which is a company that specializes in gourmet food that is sold to dog and cat owners. This food production offers fresh ingredients that are combined to create freshly made dog food. Mr. Thompson is proud to say that everything that is used at his company is fresh. Mr. Thompson even states on Twitter that the food that he sells has a short shelve life because he wants his customers to taste the products when they are bursting with flavor. Mr. Thompson is obsessed with creating the perfect and freshest products for every animal. Mr. Thompson’s company is not the only company that specializes in providing fresh ingredients to animals. Other companies are slowly beginning to use fresh ingredients in order to provide a healthy and wholesome meal to every pet. Another company in particular that is one of the top dog food producers in the United States is Beneful. Beneful is a company that provides products that only have the freshest ingredients. These products that are sold by Beneful include dry dog food, wet dog food, as well as dog food treats. Out of all the products sold on PurinaStore by Beneful, wet dog food is among the favorites. Beneful’s wet dog food combines fresh proteins such as lamb, pork, beef, and chicken with other ingredients to make a delicious product. These other ingredients include carrots, green beans, barley, and rice. The wet dog food comes in 20 different varieties that are all delicious and have a wide range for each dog’s preference. Beneful by Purina is a company that is dedicated to providing different meals that are both wholesome as well as delicious.

Healthy Dog Food Choices

Gone forever may be the days of feeding your family dog using a sack of cheap dog food purchased at the local dollar store. In place, more owners than ever before are opting to feed their dogs healthy foods. The great news for owners is that more companies than ever before are offering these alternatives in an effort to position themselves in this very competitive market that accounts for $23.7 billion in sales every year, according to a recent article in The Daily Herald.

Owners find many selections from small upstarts that are trying to prove that people are interested in feeding their dogs as healthy as other members of their family are choosing to eat. Owners appear very interested in having their dogs eat healthy. In the last six years, sales of Healthy dog food of Beneful have risen over 45 percent.

One of the earliest healthy dog foods to be manufactured was Beneful. Owners can rest assured that this dog food offers just the blends that your dog needs to maintain a healthy weight, a glossy coat, and the playful energy that they need. Beneful on facebook is available as wet, dry and treats, owners can customize their dog’s food finding what works best for them and what their dog likes best.

Another product offered by Beneful is pet food for pups. Made with real chicken to help the puppy thrive along with DHA to make sure his brain and vision develop properly. Alternatively, if your dog has packed on a few extra pounds, then consider Beneful healthy weight and watch the dog return to a healthy weight in no time at all.

Doe Deere Knows How to Express Herself

When it comes to beauty, there have been some hard and fast rules that have existed for years and years. While some people follow these rules as if their very lives depended on them, others pay far less attention to the entire subject. However, most people pay at least some attention to rules of fashion and beauty. In fact, the very same rules that exist in society make it imperative that people follow the rules or become outcasts from the same society in which they seek acceptance. As a result, most people keep things rather calm when it comes to beauty, even if they are desperate to strike out and show their individuality.

Fortunately, there are a few unique pioneers that have decided that enough is enough. They no longer want to be controlled by the rules society has placed on fashion and beauty. Instead, they want to strike out and do something completely different. This makes them stand out. While some may think that they have completely gone off the deep end, they have demonstrated that they no longer care what others think. The most impressive thing is that they are bringing scores of people with them, people who are also tired of following these rules but were too afraid to strike out against the rules themselves.

One such individual is named Doe Deere. She is the creator of famed company Lime Crime. This is a unique company with a name that signifies her attitude towards those who have something negative to say about anyone who chooses not to follow the beauty rules that have been in place for so long. Her company is as unique as her own name and she thrives on the fact that she can finally be different from everyone else while simultaneously being true to herself.

Doe has decided that it is time to let everyone express themselves in whatever way they choose. To that end, she has created some of the most unique contrasting colors that have ever existed, all for the express purpose of helping people stand out from the crowd. She combines cosmetics with unique hair colors and fashion choices in a way that sets the bar for others. In fact, she routinely chooses to use contrasting colors and patterns and she does so as a means of intentionally breaking all the fashion rules. She is leaving these rules in her dust and creating new ways for people to display their personality at the same time. Perhaps most importantly, she is helping others realize that they don’t have to be held back by these archaic rules of fashion. Instead, they can simply enjoy being who they are without fearing what others might think of them for making unconventional choices when it comes to things like fashion and beauty.

No individual should ever feel like they can’t simply be themselves. These pioneers of fashion have helped herald in a new era for those who have decided that the best way they can express themselves is through the clothes they wear and the cosmetics they choose. As a result of their efforts, everyone has more options available to them at all times.

Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial Coverage

On Valentine’s Day 2013, South African Paralympic running sensation, Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend model Reeva Steenkamp. When he was taken into custody the following day, he acknowledged he shot her insisting he thought she was an intruder. He was charged with murder. On September 12th, 2014, Judge Thokozile Masipa delivered the verdict that Pistorius was guilty of culpable homicide of his girlfriend Reeva, and reckless endangerment with a firearm at a restaurant. Pistorius was sentenced to a maximum of five years for culpable murder and a concurrent three-year suspended sentence for the firearm conviction. The parole board released Pistorius to house arrest on October 19th 2015.

The Pistorius’ gripping trial made international headlines placing the South African justice system in the spotlight. The entire trial was broadcast live via radio and the opening and closing arguments as well as the sentencing, and other parts of the trial were broadcast live worldwide on television.

Brenda Wardle, a native South African attorney and a world-renowned legal analyst, covered the Pistorius case conclusively both in South Africa and abroad appearing on several notable British and American television shows. Her position as Chief Operations Officer at the Wardle College of Law (Pty) Ltd, as well as her extensive law education, she has three law degrees, made her the perfect international spokesperson and analyst for this high profile case.

The South African Attorney has penned numerous articles, been interviewed at home and abroad on many well-known cases including the Pistorius trial, verdict and appeal. This multi-talented mother and grandmother is a registered assessor and moderator with two Sector Education and Training Authorities in South Africa facilitating training for over 4,000 delegates within a two-year time period. She also hosted a very successful and well-attended National Conference on Selected Sentencing Provisions and their impact on Correctional Services Release Policies.

Her writing is not limited to law journals, the published author has written several manuals, short stories, an autobiography and is releasing To Kill a Fragile Rose – The State’s Case Against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius a fast-paced legal thriller which will give readers an insight into the murder trial.

CCMP Capital – Finance Management And More

Now that you know that there are more than just running a business, stocking up inventory and selling merchandise or service to clients, a thoughtful approach to planning finance for the current and future is in order. CCMP Capital is a capital management firm founded by Stephen “Steve” Murray that manages its clients’ businesses in an efficient manner. The time to do this planning is before plans for the business are on paper.

CCMP Capital will analyze your needs and make a detailed list of your financial situation. How do you pay your employees? How much of your inventory needs to be in stock all the time and what portion of your budget should be allocated to future business expansion? A business conducted a study several years ago that revealed that most businesses that regularly sought out finance management service from outside companies fared well in the market compared to the rest. How does yours compare? And do you need this service?

Think about your existing funds as well. Where are you most likely to save and invest? Where are you most likely to use them in the future? If you frequently use your emergency fund for day-to-day activities, then you need to seriously consider hiring this service. Are you a small-time entrepreneur or a heavy-duty industry? No matter what your situation is, including finance management to your business can come handy all the time. Somehow, CCMP Capital is the catchall for many finance related services such as fund raising, retirement planning, savings, investment and so on. There are basic plans for clients for a low price, then there are more specialized options that can be a little pricey. There are investment options that can keep your finance portfolio in order when other strategies are at a premium. Overall according to pehub, with Steve Murray CCMP Capital, you are able to get the best value for your money. The place to start your future planning whether it is for personal needs or business is with how you want your investments and funds to work for you, and CCMP Capital is the right firm to seek advice. Here the professionals will set up an initial consultation to go through your financial portfolio and recommend appropriate strategies that are beneficial not only for your current state but future as well.

Steve Murray served as the President and CEO of CCMP Capital for many years where he introduced new ideas and innovations that helped make the company one of the leading providers of finance related services. He is also known as a great philanthropist and an avid participant of many technology and business seminars. His strategies have laid foundation for many short-term and long-term ventures at CCMP Capital.

The US Money Reserve and the plight of the penny

Once upon a time, there was a common belief here in America that if you found a penny lying on the ground face up it was good luck and by picking it up the rest of your day would go perfectly. Is this still the case? If you were to find a penny on the ground would you take the time to bend over to pick it up? Unfortunately, in this day and age rife with inflation, one penny does not do much so the answer more times than not is to leave Abraham Lincoln lying on the ground. This being the case, there is now an ongoing debate going on at the Federal level on whether or not the 1 cent coin should be discontinued.

In modern America only 25% of all transactions deal with cash. The remainder is completely dominated by the use of electronic currency. With the constant rise in internet usage the data shows that the elimination of the penny will not negatively affect commerce in any way. However, by removing this denomination from the financial system the Federal government will save 105 million dollars a year annually. You may wonder how such a low valued coin could be costing the government so much money? The truth is that penny production has been outsourced resulting in the price per coin to rise to a whopping $2.41 (US).

Add to this the fact that a cashier spends about 730 seconds per year handling pennies and the cost for “Ol’ Abe” rises to about $900 million dollars a year according to Robert M. Whaples, an economics professor at Wake Forest University. I’m sure that I don’t have to go into detail about how this affects the United States economy. In situations where we generally use coins like pay phones, parking meters and vending machines pennies are not acceptable forms of currency. So the question that we must ask ourselves is was Benjamin Franklin wrong when he said, “A penny saved is a penny earned?”

Below you will find the CNBC Squawk Box interview of Philip Diehl, the U.S Money Reserve President, where he speaks candidly about the demise of the penny.