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Love And Friendship Can Begin On The Skout Network

Anyone who has an interest in getting some of the best applications that are available should take some of the suggestions given by The Nation. For those that don’t know, The Nation is a very informative website that lists all types of information about videos, news, applications and more. The three applications on the list include applications that can create as well as edit videos. Another application that’s been included on the list is the Skout network, which is mostly for those who like to date but also for those who like to socialize.

Skout can easily be the starting point of any love connection that’s made online, especially if two people meet on the Skout network, whether it’s through the application or the website. Skout’s application is a favorite among those on the Skout network, especially since they get to use the shake to chat feature. This feature is one that’s very unique and a highly rated feature of the Skout network, especially since it can be a lot of fun. Many who use the shake to chat feature will admit using it for hours at a time, especially since they meet someone new every time they shake their mobile device.

A person must have the Skout application to use the shake to chat feature. Once the feature is turned on, then shaking the portable device is going to allow the person who’s shaking the device to get a new person to talk to. The great thing about the shake to chat feature is that the person who comes on the screen can be absolutely anywhere in the world that Skout is available, and this means it’s possible to meet new people from different cultural backgrounds. Many have accidentally found love or even good friends by using the shake to chat feature.

Although a person looking for a date or love on Skout can use other means on Skout to find someone, the shake to chat feature is one of the most popular ways of using the Skout application, especially if someone wants to take a chance at finding love anywhere in the world. Those who want a more specific way of finding love can easily put the information into the search engine to try to find a specific type of person to date. The more information that’s inserted into the search engine, the more likely the person is to get a specified person that fits their needs.

Anyone can use the Skout network, and those that use the Skout network are mostly in their 20s to 30s, but other age groups use the network as well. Skout is mostly used as a way to find a date, but finding friendships or even groups to join is very easy to do on Skout as well. Another thing that people love to do on the Skout network is virtually traveling, which is made possible by using the Skout Travel feature. With everything that’s available on the Skout network, it can be fun to use the network on a daily basis.

Slyce nabs new contract and launches new solution

The fourth quarter of 2015 began with a blast for visual product search platform Slyce Inc. (TSX VENTURE:SLC), which recently nabbed a huge contract with a Fortune 500 company. According to Market Wired, the contract which was sealed late November with a global toy retailing entity, will see Slyce’s monetary intake double throughout the duration of the contract, as it supplies visual search in addition to digital coupon services.

According to the News source, after a year in the making, Slyce has also launched its latest proprietary retail technology solution, ‘Slyce Link’.The platform is currently being Beta tested via a large retail company. Through Slyce Link, retailers can entice customers to view products very similar to that which they seek, in order to dissuade them from leaving the shopping process altogether. Whether they are purchasing on a PC or mobile phone, customers can see goods that are relevant to what they initially planned on purchasing.

Market Wired quoted Slyce’s CEO Mark Elfenbein as saying, statistics reveal that more than three quarters of online shoppers leave their carts after not seeing what they went for. He believes that Slyce Link will actually ensure that a larger number of consumers actually make purchases.This is because consumers will be readily provided with links to similar products, hence widening their options and increasing the chance of a sale occurring.

Other than out of stock products, Slyce Link can be utilized to send messages to a customer who left a transaction incomplete. It can also show anything similar or in the range of what the customer seeks and within the price range indicated by the customer online.

Slyce Link which is readily available, is presented through an API or widget. Consumers can simply take a photograph of the product that they are seeking and Slyce Inc technology will immediately begin the matching process. The sophisticated Technology is already being utilized by major retailers across the globe who seek to optimize their profit margin. These include JCPenney and Home Depot which are two of the largest retailers in North America. The business style used by Slyce Inc showcases multiple revenue streams coming from its visual search platform, several mobile consumer apps in addition to corresponding digital services. Market Wired notes that Slyce Inc. obtains revenues through fees for the licensing of software it offers, alliance, buying transactions, program marketing and communicating meaningful data patterns.


Everyone who loves pets knows the joy of keeping a healthy pet. Pets have a positive effect on the owner. The food influences the health of a dog it’s fed. Beneful dog’s foods are proven to be safe and healthy for a dog pet. Beneful foods are produced by the company called the Nestle Purina Petcare. The products are categorized into wet and dry or canned dog food. Since its inception in 2001, Beneful has come with a broad range of dog foods. The package containers can be used as the dog’s food bowl.

Beneful dry dog food (originals)-With real beef

The product from Beneful is rich in antioxidant nutrition. It’s healthy and contains nutrients essential to give the dog energy for daily activities. The dog food i9s available packages of 3.5, 6.3, 13, 15.5, 31, 40, lbs bags. The product contains real beef that is accented with spinach, peas and carrots. Over 92% of the users recommended this variety for their dogs. The standard recommended meal for an adult dog is 250ml cup per meal. The average 50 lbs dog should be fed 3 to 4 cups per meal. The product calorie content is 3416 k/calories per 333k/calories cup fed to the dog.

Beneful dry dog food (originals)- With real chicken

Product meal grinds the main ingredients of this product yellow corn and chicken. It also contains some whole wheat flour and animal fat that is preserved. The meal is formulated to meet the nutritional levels that set by the AAFCO standards. The Beneful dry food is crucial in providing female dogs with extra nutrition required during gestation and lactation.

Beneful dry dog food (originals) – With real salmon

The product is rich in omega nutrition that keeps the dog healthy and active in its daily activities on The meal is rich with nutrients that maintain the dog’s skin shiny and healthy. The product contains real salmon added with sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots.

Beneful dry dog food (healthy weight)-With real chicken

The product from Beneful on amazon is accented with apples, carrots and green beans. It designed to help the dog maintain a healthy weight. The product also adds more appetite to the dog to excite for the meal providing the dog with all nutrients to remain healthy. The products main ingredients include ground yellow corn, chicken by product and other necessary nutrients.