ConnectUs By Securus Technologies: Saving Trees And Helping Correctional Facilities

The Better Business Bureau has given Securus Technologies an A+ rating, and considering ContactUs’ exceptional success, this makes sense.

Complaints and grievances forms can take a lot of time to deal with in a correctional facility. They can take a lot of paper, too. They must be printed and re-printed, filed and re-filed. It is all very monotonous and time consuming. ConnectUs by Securus Technologies is a new platform which gives Inmates access to unlimited applications while allowing correctional facilities to completely monitor and control that access. Means of control include time designations as well as application access. Furthermore, applications can be customized by specific facilities in order to fit established operational protocols. All of these things combine to eliminate a vast quotient of paperwork from the physical realm of correctional facility operation. According to Chief Kolitwenzew of Kankakee County, Illinois, on paper costs alone, thousands of dollars are going to be saved by ContactUs.

Securus Technologies caters to over 2,500 correctional facilities in the US. They work with 1.2 million inmates across the country, and for the past thirty years have expanded beyond their Texas beginnings to service the whole nation. Securus has an intimate understanding of the day-to-day operations which make up a correctional facility’s egress over time. Bringing that intimate understanding together with cutting-edge technology, Securus has created an exceptionally applicable platform in ConnectUs that will likely prove revolutionary.

Those who’ve had a chance to use this innovative platform can’t say enough good things about it. Nurses and other staff who deal with paperwork regularly hail it as a great help in their work. Securus aims to please in just such a way, and is continuously devoted to uncovering new ways in which technological innovation can be employed toward the streamlining of correctional facility operations.

What Do Volcanic Ash and Charcoal Have in Common? Wengie’s Perfect Skin!

If Wengie has established anything throughout her years of being a relevant YouTube personality, it is that skin care is profoundly important. Her countless tutorials and routines highlighting how to properly cleanse and massage your skin are not only popular but effective, and her DIY face mask applications are a riot to learn and watch. Of course, it is always interesting to see how DIY products rank against their rival store-bought competitors.


Wengie DIY Peel-Off Charcoal Face Mask


After disclosing that she has gone over a month without doing a blackhead removal mask, she exclaimed that she is certainly well prepared and ready for this mask. Going against a store brand volcanic ash mask, Wengie made the following simple mixture:



  • Non-toxic white glue
  • Crushed charcoal


The mask is supposed to be totally black, so use that as a guide for determining if you perfected the mixture. When the formula was well blended, Wengie applied half of it to her nose using a butterknife. Though she applied it too thick, she remained optimistic as she applied the volcanic ash mask to the other half of her nose.


Her fiance, Max, joined the fun by having Wengie apply some to his nose as well. Even he noticed that she was applying way too much. The amount used was later deemed wrong when the couple realized that their noses were simply not drying.


After removing some of the charcoal mixture, the blogger applied a thinner layer. That dried normally and she began peeling it off. Warning viewers that this is a painful procedure no matter what, she also made mention that it is hard to ignore the gunk that these masks remove from your pores. Surprisingly enough, the mask worked! Though the store brand was seemingly better at removing more blackheads and white hairs, the charcoal mixture is more cost-effective and serves its intended purpose just the same. One thing is always definite, though, and that is that Wengie has perfect skin, so users will utilize whatever mixture their favorite blogger is.

Personal Tragedy Leads To Activism Success For Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen was born into one of the best known families in Venezuela, filled with diplomats and a legacy dating back to the European aristocracy. This may not be the kind of background one would expect from a leader in the human rights activism community, but Halvorssen has proven himself to be nothing short of a catalyst for change for those he works with and against.

According to, Halvorssen was inspired to become a major part of the human rights activism community after his father was given the role of investigating corruption in Venezuela’s law enforcement; despite being protected by his diplomatic status Halvorssen’s father was kidnapped and tortured because of what he was about to reveal. Family tragedy does not end there for Thor, instead he has seen his mother shot for her political beliefs and other family members imprisoned as they fought the rise of socialism in their home country. A fight that is ongoing for Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation he founded in 2005 in a bid to find more freedom in his role as an activist.

Time is something that is in short supply for Thor Halvorssen as he looks to remain a powerful figure in the human rights community and become more successful as a film producer. A series of documentaries have placed Halvorssen at the forefront of the film industry, including the popular movies “Hammer & Tickle” and “Freedom’s Fury”.

It remains in his role as an activist that Thor Halvorssen has had his greatest successes, which include his award for protecting student speech from the University of Pennsylvania. Halvorssen has also looked to surround himself with former political prisoners and respected politicians at the Human Rights Foundation, which includes his decision to appoint activist Gary Kasparov as President of the group because of his outspoken criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Follow Thor Halvorssen on his Facebook page to learn more.

Online Reputation Management is Important to B2Bs Too

B2B companies normally don’t pay much attention to online reputation management until a bad review occurs and causes a ripple effect. In this case, the bad review would cause an emergency situation, and then the angry executives will contact the businesses’ subordinates because of this. Unfortunately, this type of incident happens a lot more than is realized which is why B2B companies must realize that online reputation management is very important to them also. Thus, it would behoove B2B organizations to be proactive early on with online reputation management.
Online Reputation Management Tips for B2Bs

According to website Online Reputation Reviews here are various do’s and don’ts when it comes to online reputation management. When adhering to these steps, B2Bs would avoid a great amount of turmoil. One thing that B2Bs should do when it comes to online reputation management is to actively claim their online profiles on Facebook, Google Business, Yelp, and other places online. This is very important because these pages can exist whether the business created those pages or not. Therefore, it’s important not to leave this open for anyone else to create your business pages. And when using an email address, it’s important to use a more direct email address than a general info@businessname email address. When doing this, new reviews would be addressed more efficiently and quickly before havoc occurs.

The following are other do’s and don’ts that B2Bs should adhere to:

  • Paying Attention to Social Media– besides reviews and blog comments, social media outlets are filled with shares, likes, and comments even with B2B organizations.
  • Responding Professionally– instead of generic responses approved by your legal team, it’s important to have responses tailored made for each kind of review, comment, and question.
  • Not Letting Bad Review Rattle You– in actuality, bad reviews can improve your business by letting you know the honest thoughts and make adjustments accordingly, by the audience determining the credibility of the bad reviews compared to the good reviews, and by showing the audience that you do care and take the time to address any issues.
  • Asking for Reviews– it’s always important to ask for reviews in order to kow how the public feels about your business and address any issues. However, having a more massive request of reviews at one time is not as reliable as having reviews from time to time because a mass collection of reviews at one time would question the reviews’ validity.
  • Not Paying for Reviews– the practice of paying for reviews is disingenuous, and it may be fake or spam.

International Entertainment Success Helps Children Through Lovaganza

The Lovaganza foundation is one of the world’s fastest growing entertainment companies, but is trying to do much more than simply entertain families around the world. The foundation has also been seeking to find assistance in its fight to ensure every child around the world has access to their basic rights as young people and human beings; by 2035 the aim of the group is to have made sure each and every child has access to a quality of life that allows them the time and freedom to enjoy their lives and live safely.

Lovaganza has set out to entertain the world with a series of movies and other entertainment options, including a film trilogy that brings to life the principles and moral values of the group. The movie production side of Lovaganza has taken a fresh approach to providing entertainment to the people of the world by bringing together professionals from across the entertainment landscape to create some of the best entertainment ever created on Film professionals from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Europe are now working to create a trilogy of films, which began with “Follow Your Sunshine”, that make up what has become known as “The Lovaganza Convoy”.

The aims of Lovaganza have been set out on a specific timescale that will bring peace and success to more children around the world than ever before, which should later trickle down to allow adults the same levels of freedom and quality of life enjoyed by children. Access to clean water, education, and a peaceful childhood are all included in the six aims of Lovaganza, which the foundation hopes will be achieved by the year 2035 for every child ion the world.

Research into the problems affecting children around the world and how to solve these issues began in 2016 as the Lovaganza Foundation is seeking to bring forward the same problems facing young people to the adults of the future; by 2050, the six aims of Lovaganza should have been achieved for the adults of the world, which will ensure a happy, healthy life for all those who live in any area of the world.

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Handling Reputation For Success

Status Labs has come a long way from its own fiasco from a while back. Status Labs handles the online reputation of clients. However, the company has had its own share of attacks from the media. This has resulted in the need for some immediate action. A lot of changes needed to be made in response to the scandal. Among these actions included the removal of the person who was responsible for the scandal. They also came up with a plan which involved a radical change of behavior and focus towards community service and communication with customers. Status Labs has eventually regained its status as a trustworthy firm for online reputation management.

Status Labs is owned by Darius Fisher who is an expert in online PR. There is a lot that goes into what they do for online reputation management. It goes way beyond providing optimized content on their clients. They also go over a plan of action with their clients on what needs to be done in order to improve their reputation. This involves talking with the right people and taking responsibility for anything they may have done to contribute to their own scandal. When all is said and done, the client will have gained even more true by following the plan of action.

With Status Labs, the client will experience a permanent improvement to their reputation. Status Labs will help their clients keep their loyal customers. They will also encourage a more proactive approach to online reputation management in order to prevent any significant damage to his reputation. Status Labs continues to satisfy customers with its services. Customers see an improved perception which results in improved business. The client will be able to put the whole fiasco behind him as if it was a nightmare. While there are other online reputation firms, few are as thorough as Status Labs.

Instagram: @statuslabs

Twitter: @statuslabs

How Investment Banking Helps Provide Effective Financial Assistance

One of the more important fields in the finance industry is investment banking. This is a field in which firms known as investment banks help a number of companies raise capital, issue new stock and also complete mergers and acquisitions. With these three tasks a number of companies can better allocated their financial resources as well as improve their financial situation. Investment banking firms provide a number of services that can help any company best manage their finances. These services include mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, sales and trading and research. With each of these services investment banks can help give clients the assistance they need to help make them more financially stable and successful.

In terms of the services offered by investment banking firms one of the most well known is mergers and acquisitions. This is part of the corporate finance department and often plays an integral role in serving clients. During the process of a merge deal, the investment bank will analyze trends in the economy as well as the particular industry. This will give clients an overview of what profits they should strive to make as well as what price to charge for their new stock. The investment banking firm will also meet with the client to make a proposal and then finalize the deal by helping a client merge with another company. Investment banks also provide services such as research which entails evaluating economic and industry trends and trading a new clients stock through the sales and trading department.

While many investment banking firms are quite large there are others that are small and provide services to individuals. One of these types of firms is run by Martin Lustgarten. He is the CEO and founder of his own investment banking firm in which he helps a number of clients which include both companies and individuals. Martin works with businesses by helping them seek sources of capital through venture capital firms. He is also involved in helping with mergers and acquisitions as well. Therefore Martin provides a lot of assistance for companies that are looking to get more out of their financial management.

Martin may work with businesses he is often more involved in working with individuals. On a regular basis Martin works with people who are looking to reach individuals financial goals. This often includes retirement, college savings and also investing their funds in securities that will grow their wealth. Martin therefore works very hard to help these individuals get the most out of their investment endeavors. With his knowledge and expertise, Lustgarten will advise clients on what stocks and other funds to invest in as well as telling them what they need to do in order to reach a specific financial goal.

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A Look At The Life Of Malini Saba And Her Charity Work

Who Is Malini Saba?

Malini Saba is a successful Indian businesswoman, women’s rights advocate and a philanthropist. Her philanthropy includes an organization called Stree: Global Investments in Women. This is a not for profit organization that aims to lift women out of poverty by changing the way that low income women and their children view themselves in society. Stree: Global Investments in Women was created by Malini Saba and true to its name it aims to invest in women by making them productive and valuable parts of society. The organization also helps provide healthcare and legal council to low income women and their families. It also lobbies for women’s rights in developing countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Mrs. Saba helped create the Heart Research Center for South Asians with a donation of $1 million dollars to El Camino Hospital located in the city of Mountain View, California. The heart research center services the South Asian population of the San Francisco Bay Area. Malini Saba was a major benefactor to relief efforts in India and Sri Lanka when tsunami’s struck the two nations in 2004. She donated over $10 million dollars for relief efforts to help people rebuild their lives.

Malini Saba began her career as a venture capitalist. The young and ambitious businesswomen found it difficult to break through into the Silicon Valley venture capitalist industry. Not being hired, Malini Saba founded her own venture capital group called Saban after herself. She worked tirelessly and helped turn it into one of the more successful venture capitalist groups in Silicon Valley and beyond.

The investments of Saban included notable tech startups at the time such as PayPal and Sycamore, Networks Inc. Other investments of Saban include oil fields and rigs in China. The firm also has investments in natural gas in China as well. Malini Saba has also managed to snatch up valuable real estate in her native India and Australia. This includes retail locations as well as housing.

Malini Saba now invests in commodities. Her company Saban controls over half a million acres of palm oil plantations. The company also controls several thousand acres of rice paddies. Mrs. Saba says that she views commodities as a highly lucrative but risky business. This is because prices can fluctuate rapidly depending on the markets. Her focus is on agriculture however. She says that there will always be a demand for foodstuffs and that demand only seems to be growing. This make agriculture one of the safer commodities to invest in and it proven profitable for Saban so far.

If You Share a Photo of Doe Deere, You’d Better Give Credit!


Let’s face it, Doe Deere is edgy, fashionable, and incredibly beautiful. The Lime Crime founder also probably has followers saving screenshots of her Instagram posts by the thousands, especially since she has more than 300,000 followers.

After all, Doe Deere is a well-known beauty influencer. She started out designing and selling her own clothes on ebay, modeling them herself. But, Deere quickly found that she wanted her makeup to be vibrant and vivid to match her clothes, and she just couldn’t find any that “popped” enough for her. And so, Lime Crime cosmetics was born, a cruelty-free makeup line full of rich color and pigment. The line officially launched in 2008, quickly becoming a pioneer for independent online makeup retailers and brands thanks to smart business decisions like choosing to have actual lip swatches of lip products on the site.

So while the urge to screenshot Doe Deere’s posts is understandable, if you repost or share one of those images, you have to make sure to give credit. 66 year-old artist Richard Prince learned that the hard way.

Doe Deere looked otherworldly in the photo Prince saw, with azure waves framing her face, ivory skin, and classic red lips. In the photo, she held a small doll that had been created in her likeness, even with the same clothes. In Deere’s photo, she made sure to credit the maker of the doll, her friend Joshua David McKenney. By sharing and crediting his work, she wasn’t just showing her pride in the artfully crafted doll, but also hoping he would get more exposure and build a stronger fan base for himself. McKenney is quite talented. Even Richard Prince clearly thought so, though he should have been more careful with how he appreciated the work.

Prince had a 48-by-65-inch print made of the photo and sold it for $90,000 at the Frieze Art Fair. The problem? Prince did not credit McKenney for his work on the print, actually removing any mention of his name before having the print made. While McKenney was baffled to discover how easily his work and Doe Deere’s image was appropriated, he decided to look on the bright side; rather than having his Pidgin dolls considered as mere toys, they are clearly being recognized as the art form that they are.

Not to let Prince have the last word, Doe Deere posted the image on Instagram once more, with this caption, ““Just to clarify, this was my tribute to @pidgindoll, created by friend & artist @jdavidmckenney. @RichardPrince1234 removed my original caption, before printing and displaying it (without my knowledge) in the Frieze Gallery. I wanted to put the focus back onto where it belongs: the beautiful, hand-crafted doll.”

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White Storage And Pink Blankets In Wengie’s Apartment

Wengie has finally released a video showcasing her favorite features in her apartment. From the kitchen to a beauty area where she has shelves of makeup, she takes viewers on a fun tour inside her world of color and excitement.

When the video begins, Wengie explains a bit about her apartment and the rooms that are featured in the tour. She focuses on her bedroom as this is one of her favorite places to relax. There is a large pink comforter on the bed and several pink and white pillows. A large picture window is in the bedroom so that Wengie can look out at the city. There are white night stands beside her bed that contain her personal items, such as books and makeup.

Wengie loves flowers, so there are several bouquets and individual flowers in vases sitting in various areas around her apartment. The apartment appears light and breezy as there is a lot of natural light from windows. The kitchen is on the left of the entrance with the living room on the right. Her apartment is open and is designed with white all over. There are several storage cabinets for Wengie to keep all of her cooking supplies. The living features a comfortable couch and a double ladder shelf that is one of her favorite pieces. It’s a neat way to display belongings and pictures that don’t seem to fit anywhere else. Stools are positioned in front of a long counter in the living room so that Wengie can apply makeup.
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